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Pescabar in West Village is Closed

By Nancy Nichols |

Alberto Lombardi announced the closing of his West Village Italian seafood restaurant, Pescabar, effective today January 1, 2009. “It’s disappointing for me,” said Lombardi, “but when you try something new, it doesn’t always work out the way you expect.”

I hear that there is already a Lombardi-less plan in place to reinvent the space and get it up and running. Expensive property ya know.

Also hear that a “Houston’s-type” restaurant is going into the old Mooyah space near the quadrangle with a “big-name former employee” of Nick & Sam’s leading the way. (Maybe they’ll call it Tony’s.)

And no, to the many inquiring e-mails, I do not know when the Dallas Morning News dining critic formerly known as Bill Addison is leaving the paper. Last I heard it was “at the end of the year.” Which year wasn’t detailed. His replacement? I have a guess but I’m not gonna spill it. Yet.