Hully & Mo Info

I tried to lunch at Hully & Mo today but they were not open. Then I found this comment posted today and I thought I’d bring it out front and center:

I just called Hully & Mo’s and asked about Happy Hour pricing. I was told that everything would be $1 off during HH. I inquired further and was told that Domestics are $3, imports $4, and high end drafts (Fat Tire, Stella, etc.) would be $5. I asked about wine and was told “we have an extensive wine list…” I said “No, the HH prices…” he said wines would be $7 and $10 – EEK! A little rich for my HH wine palate. I’m work for a large company just across the street from the Quadrangle (Hully & Mo’s) and had hoped for a little better pricing than that, especially from a space that seems to be a bit cursed. Food is priced anywhere from $6.50 to $35, “$35 being a hand cut filet.” So, I guess we’ll see what happens and if the particular atmosphere is worth the extra $, especially given the other great HH specials in the immediate area.

Hmm. Happy Hour prices. That’s interesting. I’m not much of a Happy Hour follower, I prefer to get ripped in the privacy of my own home where I am happy to be in my jammies, but the reader brings up some good observations. Let’s slink in to Hully & Mo and take a look. Pay attention. Coming soon.