New Pastry Chef At Two Sisters Rocks

Yesterday I was chatting on the phone with the good folks from Two Sisters, getting ideas for an upcoming story we’re working on for the print product.

“Hey, we’ve got a new pastry chef, didya know that?” they said. No, I admitted, I didn’t. I haven’t been to Two Sisters in a few months (sadly, since I love their tuna and chicken salads), and I wasn’t aware of fabulous new desserts or a dessert maker. The new guy’s name is Brad Holt, and he used to work in the deli at TS. Apparently, chef Jonathan Stirnweis needed a pastry chef, he asked Brad to help out, because he knew of his love of baking. Tastes like it worked out to me.

How do I know? Today, this beautiful platter of goodies arrived. Chocolate pumpkin tarts, PB&J bars (to die for), lime-coconut bars, apple-gorgonzola-walnut bars, brownie lollipops, and more. We are lucky folk. But you can be lucky too–Friday is free dessert day at Two Sisters. They are open until 4 so get over there and get a sandwich and a PB&J bar. Totally worth it.