Tips for the Surviving Top Chef Contenders

I really wasn’t feeling up to blogging about Top Chef today. Honestly, I felt like it was kind of a slow evening. Then someone asked me why I hadn’t posted anything, so here goes and I’ll do with it what I can….

Basically last night’s episode consisted of kicking off Jill (who we all knew was never going to make it) and setting up next week’s episode in which Ariane wil probably be the one to go.

After watching the episodes from this season I’ve decided to offer a few tips to the remaining chefs. 1) Stop using products you’ve never worked with. Black noodles? Ostrich eggs? Just because it sounds like something you’ve used before doesn’t mean it’s going to end up like you think. 2) When you go on a show where someone is eliminated every week, always have an answer ready as to why they shouldn’t kick you off. Don’t hum and hah and make no sense. It works against you. 3) Bring a dessert recipe. 4) Focus. What was with Leah randomly admitting that she likes having boyfriends? This isn’t The Bachelor. No one cares that you’re lonely. We want to see if you can cook.

I’m really not a mean person.  I just watch these people and wonder how they were picked for the show in the first place. If you were good enough to make it on a show called Top Chef, you should be able to make a meringue that people won’t spit out. As the weak are weeded out, my rants will be fewer and far between (probably).

On a happier note, I thought it was outstanding that Tom let them work at Craft and the diners were rejected applicants. That was pretty funny. You could just see the resentment and jealousy seething from some of them. But others were fair and complimentary. And I’ll admit that although Fabio does get on my nerves, his dish was pretty impressive and he deserved to win. (Even though it was kind of cheating since the dish was on his menu at his restaurant) I’m still trying to figure out what he did with those olives. So, now it’s your turn. Come on, Dishers. Don’t you think at least a few of my points were valid?



  • PMAC

    I think the two Eupopeans end up getting drunk and cuddling with each other in an upcoming edisode.

  • PMAC

    Whoops! Europeans..

  • Sarah Eveans

    Yes! I’m wondering about the olives too. On Tom C’s blog, he says the technique is seven years old (ooooo burn). But I couldn’t find any more info. Ariane drives me crazy.

  • Sarah Eveans
  • Katie

    Fabio will probably go far, but I’m already over the European chumminess. I looooved that the diners were rejected potential Top Cheffers. You could practically see the jealousy oozing out of their pores.

  • Anon

    He used a technique pioneered by Spanish Chef Ferran Adria (who doesn’t do this anymore). Basically, you have a gelling agent that you add to the olive puree (most likely sodium alginate) that will only gel in the presence of a calcium compounds. So you make a “bath” of water with calcium chloride dissolved in it. You drop the puree into the mixture and the outside gels (since only the outside is touching the calcium) while the inside stays liquid. It is a fairly old technique in “molecular gastronomy” but still a viable one.

    Its the same way that chefs make “caviar” like with tea, pea puree, etc. You just make the drops smaller.

  • tinkekrbell

    Fabio’s recipe is on the top chef web site.