This Just In: Quesa-D-Yas

Maybe I’m just a slow starter in the morning, but the enthusiasm of this email made my eyeballs hurt. However, she makes me hungry. Sunglasses on? Read:

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all having a great week! I love food. I love sharing good food. I love nice people. So here you go…The other day, we got delivery from Quesa-D-Yas on Greenville. They just opened! I am sure you have seen the building. (It was Eye Love You and is in between Cafe Brazil and The Dubliner.) Our dinner was fresh, fast, and so good. They are unlike any other. We ordered the Ragin Cajun and it was incredible! Our food was delivered in 20 minutes too! If you are stumped for dinner one of these nights, check them out. They are local owners with a great concept. PS: I don’t know the owners. I don’t get free D-Yas. I just really like the good food and great service…Have a great day.



  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    This is a great option for people who do not want to operate heavy machinery after looking at their 401k.

  • Jason

    I had been meaning to email you guys about this place… Me and the little lady have ordered from here about 5 times now. I can honestly say, it is GREATNESS!!! They are super friendly, have only had to wait about 15-20 minutes for delivery, and the food is very fresh. I hope this place does well!!!

  • Sarah Eveans

    OMG I love quesadillas. So. Excited.

  • RB


  • Jo

    We’ve been eying the catchy signs on this place for months (I do love quesadillas) and they finally opened about 2 weeks ago. They have a great concept – are competitive with pizza delivery for prices but have much better food or just variety if you are a delivery or take-out diner. Very good and great owner. He is greeting everyone at the door. A great local shop addition for Greenville!

  • Paul Oltmann

    Hello everyone. Thank you soooo very much for the wonderful comments about Quesa-D-Ya’s. I am the owner, and would like to let everyone know we are all about fresh, fast & friendly. D-Ya’s is here to make sure you all have a real alternative to the same old pizza for delivery/carryout. Give us a shot, and I will do my best to ensure you are not disappointed. Thanks again!

  • This place also has great take out, I had a crew working in the neighborhood and I needed to get them lunch, walked in and in about 10 minutes I was walking out with hot food for 6 guys. If I had known about this place, I could have had it DELIVERED. Great place, wish there was one near my house!

  • TLS

    This sounds like a pathetic attempt to drum up business. I mean all of a sudden there are so many way over the top enthusiastic people eating quesadillas? There was a post on here a couple of months ago that was pushing a new eatery with similar verbiage. I don’t remember the name of the place because this kind of PR doesn’t work!!!

  • Paul Oltmann

    TLS…Please come in and try our food, or order us for delivery. Like I said, I’ll do my best to ensure you are not disappointed.

  • Alicia

    TLS- starting your own business is the essence of the American dream!! Let a man test out his ideas! If it fails, so what but take the risk to TRY to find success! Take the owner at his offer.

    I was recommended to D-Ya by a friend…and let me tell you…the people were so friendly and the food is FRESH! The tortilla was perfectly grilled & toasty. Yum! There’s plenty of variety for you non-over-the-top quesadilla enthusiasts.

  • TG

    I’ve never been to this place but I think it is just awesome! I’m not connected to the owner, either — but I still cannot believe how great it is! Just the idea alone is fantastic! Who doesn’t love quesadillas?! Or exclamation points! Yum!

  • TLS

    Paul: I will absolutely try your food. I want you to do well. I really do. I just don’t see the postings as being sincere.

    Alicia: I never said anything about the owner or his place or my enthusiasm for quesadillas. I question the postings.

    TG: !!!!!!!!!

  • Todd M

    Yep, I hope they do well, also – something definitely needs to succeed in that location.

    But Paul…. it’s really hard not to be cynical about the over the top raves when everyone seems to have cut and paste from the same press release regarding “delivery in 20 minutes” and “so good and fresh”!

    Really…. when was the last time any of us described a quesadilla as being “so fresh”? Usually, you’d talk about how good it tastes, the creative and savory ingredients, etc.

    And if you’ve only been open two weeks, shouldn’t it be fresh as a by-product of the newness of the joint anyway? 🙂 lol

    And who orders the same food 5 times in 2 weeks? Wow! Must be some really darn good quesadillas! 🙂

    (That was obviously all tongue-in-cheek and written with a great big sense of humor and a giant grin! 🙂 )

    Seriously though, good luck Paul. I know this is a hard time for any business, especially a new one, and I for one will be happy to stop by and try your place out soon!

  • LMT

    I cant wait to order D Yas instead of pizza for my 12 year old and his pals tonight. How far is the deilvery area? We are by Northpark. There aren’t any rpices on the Web site, either. Is a large about the size of a Dominos large pizza? Does anybody else remember when large pizzas were two feet across? They’ve shrunk dramatically the past decade.

  • Paul Oltmann

    TLS and Todd:
    Thanks for the kind words about succeeding. I know you guys are realists, as your posts point out, but I think the exclamation points come from peoples desire for something unique for delivery/carryout. I love pizza as much as the next person, but I wanted something different, which is how D-Ya’s came about. Please stop in and say hello sometime. We’d love to have you in.
    Our “real” website is still in works, and will hopefully be together by the end of the weekend. Our sizes are S, M (12″) & L (14′), with the M & L being the same size in diameter as M & L pizza. The caveat is that you get more of the good stuff in the middle, rather than mostly bread with pizza. Plz give us a shot tonight, and I’ll moke sure we get it delivered to your door, even if your just out of our area…

    Thanks again to everyone!

  • Jason


    You don’t have to apologize for me!!! I posted earlier and I am indeed a REAL customer. It is true, we have ordered from you guys at least 5 times over the past several weeks. And if you knew me, I could basically live off quasadillas. I was the same way with Chipotle when they first opened- I went every other day for the first few weeks. But it’s just like people on this blog to bash others! And yes I did use the word “fresh”. When you order spinach and mushroom you can tell if it’s “fresh” or not… So, I’ll just close with some of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jay

    First, best of luck. Sorry you’re not selling chairs.
    Second, do you deliver to NJ? Ellen and I love a great quesadilla.

  • Todd M


    Not bashing, just having fun, so no need to be defensive. Sounds great and can’t wait to try it!!!!!

  • Jason

    @ Todd M,

    Not being defensive- just wanted people to know I’m a real customer and not a company employee. I support new local places like this- especially if the food is good- and I want others to give it a shot and be excited the same way me and the wife are. Now, good day sir! I said good day!!!!! 🙂

  • Paul Oltmann

    I love this! Jason, this last post is lol. Fez would be proud…

  • P

    Good morning!

    I was wondering if you knew any of these people personally? Being an avid !!! and  user myself, I wonder what point you are trying to get across. I live in the neighborhood, have eaten at QDY 3 times in the last 10 days, and being a Mom of a 9 month old, I love having a business in the neighborhood that has friendly faces, goes above and beyond what we have come to expect as good service, and is easy for delivery and carry out. The employees are personable. The food is creative (check out their specialty DYas) in both taste and presentation and it doesn’t break the bank.
    I’m not sure what you are looking for, but questioning a person’s sincerity is probably not the best approach. Try getting out of bed on the other side.
    I’ve contained myself long enough. !!!!!    

  • Mike

    Glad to see you guys finally opened. Came by about a week ago to say hi to Steve and check the place out. Food was very good and filling. Just a thought,fountain drinks inside. Bringing the wife next time. Best of luck guys.

  • Mike

    Here’s a thought. Second location grand opening in south Arlington. What d ya think.

  • Brent


    Ordered from you guys for the first time last night. Awesome, absolutley awesome. My fiance and I have been waiting for you to open and were excited when we found the flyer on our door the night we ordered. You have an awesome selection for those who are vegetarians (Jen) and those who are not (me). Delivered within the time given over the phone AND delivered fresh AND delivered by someone who was polite AND a lot of awesome food for a VERY reasonable price. Keep up the great work and we look forward to ordering from you weekly. Franchise thoughts????

  • marci

    I’m not sure why people thought the comments were insincere?? I personally never thought about “fresh,” just “yum.” But some people probably did. We Dubliner regulars waited and waited for the opening, and I was not disappointed. I’ve gone in there WAY too much! It’s a nice alternative. I dearly love the Dub, but I’m often not in the mood for a sandwich and chips if I get hungry. Unfortunately for my expanding waist line, I treat myself to D-Ya’s an average of twice a week. i wish you all the success.