Shinsei on a Roll: Major Expansion

When I heard (groovy music warning) Shinsei was expanding, I feared they would take over their neighbor, the best key store in Dallas, Bee’s Keys (not to be confused with Bees-N-The-Keys (great logo!). Now I learn that co-owners Lynae Fearing and Tracy Rathbun bought out the cleaners on the other side of the restaurant and added a large bar and lounge area, private dining room, and some additional seating. (Casey who?) I pass Shinsei on my way home from work and it is always jamming. Now they’ll have more room to jam, not to mention a new private dining room (Hi Vase Lady!). Debut of the space is set for the first week of December. BTW, Shisei is now open for lunch on Fridays.  You go, girls.