Nikki Wants Pie: Winners Circle

Our perky Spice Girl, Nikki from Northaven Gardens, has just sent the results of last week’s pie contest. First prize? Banana split pie from Amy Severson of Sevy’s. Miss Amy, I think our office staff needs to make a ruling. Pie please.

UPDATE: My bad. I misread the results. Kudos to Ann “I’m NOT Married to Tim” Rogers for taking first place. Pie please.


  • Not my pie, but sounds delicious. I withheld from entering since Sevy’s was a prize underwriter – I mean how would that look when (if?) I’d won! They had about 10 amazing looking pies and a good group of shoppers that day.

    I did go to NHG for the (free) great presentation about fruit trees – and came home with a dwarf Bonanza peach tree, a Fuyu persimmon tree and a pomegranite bush/tree. All chosen because of their low care requirements in this climate and soil.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Sorry Amy, I screwed up. Corrected.

  • NC

    Everyone went home sugarred-up and happy!

    Next year, I expect a whole category of D staffers to enter. Zac, you better start taking some lessons on baking from master baker…one Mrs. Susan Crain.