Martini Park Is Closed

Hmm. I just received an e-mail from the folks at Loft 610. It says:

Our friends at Martini Park have decided to close their doors at the Shops at Legacy effective immediately. They approached us this morning to inquire about Loft 610’s ability to host some of their holiday parties they booked and can no longer accommodate.

Yow. Zah. They just sent me a list of their holiday drink specials. I thought their business was booming. Curious isn’t it. Look out Dallas, all of those cougars will be running wild.

UPDATE: I called Martini Park and nobody answered. However, I just received a statement via e-mail: Due to the current state of the economy, Martini Park located in the Shops at Legacy in Plano, TX has decided to close for business effective November 24, 2008.


  • Oh no, which bar will take its place as the cougar den of the north?

  • What are considered the cougar dens of the South, East and West?

  • Marci

    heh it’s funny…cuz Loft 610 has become a cougar den lately…wonder if they took Martini Parks business? 🙂

  • Dustin

    MMMMMM Cougars!

  • Matt

    I guess “current state of the economy” means nobody wants to pay $8 for a drink anymore

  • M

    $8? They are more like $10 a drink. Still it’s odd because it’s always so busy in there and I actually enjoyed their appetizers even though they were overpriced too!!

  • Annabelle O’Malley

    I think this has a lot less to do with $15 martinis than licensing problems with TABC… they’ve had trouble since opening and seems awful sudden, no? Parties on the books? Freshly emailed drink menus? I smell a big fat lie. And I bet they’ll be open again by next summer as “Martini Parque”…

  • Todd M

    I love a good conspiracy theory! Yep, if they had parties on the books and were always busy, something else must be afoot…. Maybe they got nailed for allowing underage drinking? Aren’t 19-yr-olds the favorite prey of cougars??

  • Jason

    poor management!! Remember Down Under Pub & Grub shutting down suddenly and then opening back up a couple of weeks later. How can a place be that busy and charge that much for a drinks that costs so little to make? Charge a cover charge too? Something is fishy.

  • I agree with Annablee, the problem was/is TABC previously. With out the ability to sell liquor, they can’t keep the doors open. Several Collin County bars have gone through the same thing based on the ratio of food they claim to sell to obtain the TABC lisc.

    I’m sure Carson’s will continue to be the Cougars Den.

  • Lucky

    Yep….$13 for a beer and shot gets rediculous….and who voted for the dualing keyboards? Cool when it opened but definitely over rated!!

  • Ray

    Recent Couger sighting…they’re on the move and have split their cougarpack between Loft 610 and NYLO

  • Darkwalker

    Horrible, horrible news. I love a good martini: even if it’s overpriced and pretentious. Plus the eye-candy there was fun.

  • Lookin4newMP

    I heard it was done for good from an ex employee that lives in my apartment complex. also i been going there for a while and there drinks were pricey but not that bad for the party enviroment you recived also I heard there deejay is going to start doing a weekend thing at Fox Sports Grill across the street sence there dead from 10oclock on!!

  • ChesterL

    Yeah, I live at Shops at Legacy and Martini Park was always busy!!! There’s no way it closed because of lack of business! I have heard several reports of pending lawsuits against them (for people being over-served, then getting in accidents). Also heard rumors that City of Plano officals weren’t happy because it has become too much of a wild party spot!

  • Lisa

    I know from a very reliable source it was completely due to under the table business deals and issue with their partnership agreements in addition to operating without a liquor license!

  • Dan

    I’d be AMAZED if it was due to the economy…..Something run amuck for sure but NOT the economy…..

    $10 martinis were being consumed there like 20 year olds after tapping a keg at a frat party!

    Having gone to Loft 610 a few times I noticed the cougar crowd seemed to like that place but it’s bar area is smaller than Martini Park. I haven’t been to NYLO (hotel bar) but it seems like a logical spot.

    I think Carsons will get a pick-up for awhile though….Due to size and music choices. Down Under has NOTHING on Martini Park re: ambiance but Loft 610 comes close.

  • Eric R.

    Just talked to a bartender @ the shops, apparently 30% of all the DUI/DWI’s in the area originated from Martini Park.

    I mean, have you seen the cougars still standing around 1:00 AM?

  • I don’t normally comment on blogs but your post was a real call to action. Thank you for a great read, I will be sure to bookmark your site and check in now and again. Cheers, Amy xXx.