Congrats to Dallas Fish Market

Bon Appetit magazine has ranked Dallas Fish Market fifth among the nation’s top ten best seafood restaurants. Apparently their unique octopus salad and signature skate served with a Meyer lemon beurre blanc were the two dishes that sealed the deal. Though the salad isn’t currently on the menu, a little fishy told me they hope to have it back on by this weekend. I think this occasion calls for a round of crab cakes on the house. Whaddya say, Randy?


  • Brandy

    I saw that a couple of days ago! Very cool! As I read it though, it’s a listing of the top 10 in the country, but it wasn’t a ‘ranking’ per se. It was the ‘hot 10’. And they were number five in the list. Small detail but I’m drinking wine as my husband is watching football. Seriously, did we need ANOTHER night for football? ; )

  • KSparky

    Are you kidding me!? Ate there during restaurant week this year, had the WORST experience – but to be fair, it was mostly b/c of the waiter. I mean, c’mon, what professional wait staff would say, “Uhm, the kitchen is out of spoons right now, so here’s some forks,” as he was delivering our dessert, which was the chocolate mousse! Who eats mousse w/ a fork!?

    The food is so-so. I’ve also been there for a magazine launch party, and the only thing I honestly remember are the bite-sized crab cakes.