Casey Thompson is Alive and Well in San Francisco

At least that is what Ms. Amy Severson tells me. Amy sends the photo along with this report:

We’re up here to prepare the Cattle Baron’s Dinner that was auctioned in 2007. We came up a day early with Lisa and Richard Chamberlain, and are spending one night here before heading up to Napa. We immediately headed down to the Market in the Ferry building and met Casey Thompson, who looked absolutely fabulous. We had appies and wine on the patio of the Water Bar, watching the sailboats and relaxing. Blonder, slimmer, taller very much a “California Girl”, she’s living on Treasure Island but working with Fischer Winery in Napa doing on-site dinner parties paired with their wines. She’s not slowing down, traveling to points north and south to taste different parts of the coast (she said Portland is a city she enjoys visiting), and considers this just an amazing learning opportunity – too good to leave to come back to Dallas (for now).   

Blonder, slimmer, taller? Huh? That hardly seems fair. Next thing you know Casey will have a sassy little British accent and be engaged to Hugh Jackman. Then I would really have to hate her. Amy, keep us posted on the gala dinner. We want insidery details, please.


  • That’s it Casey! Broaden your horizons. Now is the time for you to make your mark on the world, meet new people, make new friends, and reach for the top.