Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl

The smell of yeast rolls baking in the ovens and drifting through the halls at Arthur Kramer Elementary School is one of my strongest food memories. As soon as the scent reached my nose my thoughts left the classroom. Each day I lined three pats of butter on my tray and waited in line, letting other kids jump ahead of me, until the baker went to the oven to bring out a fresh pan of rolls. I plucked them from the tin and sat them on the butter pats and by the time I reached the table they were soaked in melted butter. Yum.

Food memories–both good and bad–are hard to forget. Listen to this poor gal who, after ten years, still yearns for that certain salsa. She needs relief.

About ten years ago (maybe a few more), in Dallas, there was a Mexican restaurant called Caliente.  It was over on Park Lane/ Greenville area.   They served the most wonderful (for lack of a better term) “salsa” or “pico de gallo” which was served on the plate with your food.  It had thinly sliced jalapenos & carrots (julienned), onion and what seemed like a good bit of sugar in with the heat of the jalapenos.  This was such a wonderful accompaniment, although it made your ears burn!  The restaurant closed a couple years after that, and the new management did not continue serving this.  I have looked on-line and several Mexican-type restaurants later, still have not found anything  close to it.  They also sold it in jars, at the time.  Could you find out who owned the restaurant at that time, if they currently have a restaurant in the Dallas area, or where I might obtain this delightful food item?

Well, since I haven’t been drinking this morning I think I can say with some authority that Caliente was owned by Jim and Liz “The Baroness” Baron who now rule over the Blue Mesa Grill empire. An e-mail has been sent to the Baroness. We’ll await her reply.

UPDATE: Well that was easy. The Baroness replies, “That’s our jalapeno relish!  We continue to serve it at our Blue Mesa Grills.  Click on our website for a home adapted version of the recipe – or come in and try some!”


  • Chris

    This might be it…

    From Blue Mesa’s website:

  • Nancy Nichols

    Chris=awesome and fast.

  • I enjoyed reading,just keep up the good work.

  • Brad

    Man, I didn’t know this site was capable of such feats. I loved Mother Mesquite’s Cantina at Skillman and 635 and have since boycotted all CRO restaurants (El Chico? Seriously?) after they re-branded it and closed it down. Any way someone can track down the recipe for the Mother Mesquite’s salsa? Tortillas? 7 spice blend for the fajitas?

    I still keep a folder on my computer at home with the entire menu, logos, etc. Just in case they ever need someone to help re-establish it.

    And, yes, I remember when El Chico was old school and independently operated – I think their old fashioned fried tacos would have been my recommendation to the post on fried tacos a few months ago. Too bad that good restaurants sometimes become bad chains….

  • Gary

    I loved Mother Mesquites, also. They had wonderful happy hours with great frozen margarittas and swirls. I always wanted a tee shirt with the mesquite tree logo, but could never get one…..any out there?