Burrata Cheese Report From Jimmy’s

Dang, I got so far behind yesterday, I forgot to post this report from a Disher who ordered burrata from Jimmy’s. Here, a day late, we hear from Anne:

Picked mine up last night [19th] at Jimmy’s. Paul picked out the crackers and wine.  It was really good with the olive oil and salt and pepper and the crackers. A very mild cheese that really needs a flavored cracker. No water crackers for this cheese!! Paul said about 155 people ordered it!  What did you eat the cheese with in Italy?  Have you gotten any feedback from other SideDishers?  Thanks for the tip…keep ’em coming!!

Eat with it? Don’t you mean drink with it? We made “Italian nachos” by piling a spoonful of cheese on top of a thick slice of fresh tomato, adding a leave of basil, drizzling the nacho with olive oil, and finishing with a pinch of sea salt.


  • Nancy Nichol-Lodaian

    Bought mine on the way home today. Having it with Remarkable Vanilla Porter purchased there also. Since it gets dark so early and it’s Friday, (and I was all-day visiting ‘guest teacher’ for Henderson Ave.’s James Bonham Elementary between Louie’s and Old Monk) Happy Hour begins before 3. Disfruta!

  • Anne

    Eat…and yes, drink. I still have some left over. I think tomatoes would be perfect! No wine left, though. Bummer.

  • We loved our burrata! Hub brought it home on Wednesday. We had dinner planned. But, instead, stood there in the kitchen drinking wine and eating cheese, crackers and porchetta. Insanely good. I’m crazy about fresh mozzarella anyway. This just pushed me over the edge.