Tim Love Gives Love to School Lunches

Good morning Dishers, and Happy Halloween! Let’s start this morning off by discussing who is dressed up in the office today. No one. Guess who’s been eating candy? This girl. Okay, next topic. Let’s talk about someone who’s making a difference in the area. Chef Tim Love. We know he’s great in the kitchen at Lonesome Dove and flippin’ burgers at Love Shack. His newest project is revamping the school lunch program at his son’s school, All Saints Episcopal in Fort Worth. From the press release:

At All Saints, Love has introduced numerous new, healthier lunch options for the students, including a readymade sack lunch featuring sandwiches made with whole wheat bread, baked chips, fresh fruit; vitamin-rich steamed vegetables; turkey hotdogs; and 100 percent real fruit juice.  Any fried dishes, such as the sweet potato french fries, are made using 100 percent canola oil, which has zero trans fats, while other ingredients like white flour and corn syrup have been completely removed from the menu. The existing school lunch menu has not been completely overhauled however: (“Kids should still be allowed to have a cheeseburger on Fridays,” says Love).

Chef Love is also working with the school on teaching nutrition in the science curriculum. He hopes to integrate this healthier system into Fort Worth public schools, where his girls have started kindergarten. Pretty cool, huh? There, that was my nice post of the day. The rest are going to be dark and evil, mwahahahaha!!