Royal Chef Creates Menu for American Airlines

Royal Chef Darren McGrady (profiled here by yours truly) is flyin’ high these days. Yep, good one. He’s created a British-influenced menu for first and business class travelers on American Airlines flights, which seems like a big honor to me. On the menu? Cottage pie, beef filet with morel mushrooms, and oatmeal-crusted pork, just to name a few items. Way to go Darren. Click here for press release and pictures.


  • Kirk

    I know things are tough in the airline business, but why would anyone choose to serve this dreck to people who pay a premium to fly? These menus sound like Disney versions of English banquet food.

  • yhc

    Kirk – you sure have a way with words…that’s english food coming from and going to England…..imagine that.

  • Kirk

    Personally, I think we should try to keep that virus contained within its natural habitat.