Friday, May 24, 2024 May 24, 2024
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Restaurant Openings and Closings and Stuff and Such and Beyond Rings


I apologize for my erratic behavior today but I am taking pain killers. Not the really good stuff, just some wimpy ones. However, they kind of sneak up on you when you try to tpye–see what I mean–type. I’m sure Adam is going to walk over to my cube and snatch my keyboard before the end of the day–we can’t have a member of the D staff on any mind-altering substances while at work. But before that happens, I thought I’d tell you what the large white-crested crane that just landed on my BlackBerry told me:

“Hey, did you know that Sammy’s BBQ in Preston Center closed last week and that Gordo’s opened in Preston Center? And Cremona’s reopened in that old fish place near the Quandrangle?”

No, Shermie, I did not. But thanks for calling.