Gina Campisi? Gina Campisi? Can You Read Me?

Sorry, I’m still suffering a little jet lag and I inadvertantly deleted a post about Gina Campisi’s soon-to-open restaurant, Fedora. A reader, who had dined at Jorge’s, the Mexican spot next door to Fedora in One Arts Plaza, asked when Fedora was going to open. I’m asking the Dish Nation to a) report on what you know about Fedora’s and b) report on your experiences at Jorge’s. Confused? Good, at least we’re on the same page.A nice man on the phone just told me that Fedora will have a soft opening “maybe tomorrow” and if not “then probably Monday.”


  • RB

    Fedora had a private opening party last weekend, and is having some sort of halloween thing (not sure if private or not)

  • Jason

    Well I can answer the question about Jorge’s… Been several times now and just love it! Food is great, place is cool, outside dining is awesome… However, the 2 times I went (both on Saturday night) the place was pretty dead. I hope it picks up!!!

  • whoknew

    We were not impressed with Jorges- I am hoping it was just new opening jitters…. we had slow slow and unattentive service even thought the place was almost empty. Our favorites (from our years of going to the location in Midland) were watered down and overpriced. Let’s hope they get their act together!

  • Fedora

    Fedora is open to the public tonight

  • unknown

    We were NOT impressed with Jorges at all. Over priced and not tasty at all. Sorry to say it though 🙁

  • The Grand Opening for Fedora is this Saturday, November 22. They’re expecting it to be huge!

  • leslie

    Jorges is so different but in a good way! It is light and authentic not the same pete and repeats all over dfw that all stemmed from Mias/MiCocina/Luna de Noche..etc. Went to fedora on saturday..was fun!