Dining Critic Bill Addison is Leaving the DMN

Prego, Dishers. I am in Rome preparing for an early morning flight home. I am sitting in a shoe store on the Via Condotti trying on boots. As I slipped into some yummy purple “the new black” leather knee-high boots, my Mare, that’s Blackberry in Italian, went beep. A note popped on to my screen and read: “Bill Addison is leaving the DMN and going to Atlanta. The paper is conducting a national search.” Maybe you already know this but typing this entry just saved me from buying a pair of $700 purple boots in a horrid economic crisis. Ding dang, I’m going to miss ‘ol Freckle Face but I know he loves Atlanta. Ciao, Bill. Next girl up, as we say in the biz.


  • Nate

    Boy, he didn’t last long. Maybe they can bring back Joyce.

  • Eh, purple boots only work if you have the right outfit, it would have cost you much, much more than the initial $700. Welcome back!

  • Billusa99

    It’s much more dusky and swarthy in Hotlanta.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Amy,silly me, I meant 700 euros!ouch

  • DTD

    Bill, you know you’re the one who shamed him into leaving with your exposé.


    How about that guy who used to write diatribes about doorways, partitions, and stuff over at the Observer. Mark I think it was??

  • AC

    well it sure didnt help

  • dangitt

    Billusa99 is a sad, unhappy person. DMN better not slip backwards on this one.

  • Billusa99

    Dagnabitt dangitt, – From the dark, unhappy, despondent reaches of Comedy Central, Jon Stewart is rolling his eyes at you. And, from the light and snappy, happy future of the Internet, those that can’t handle stones shouldn’t throw food in glass houses.

    AC – I’m not from the government and I’m not here to help. Such power exists only in the minds that choose to use it as their crutch. Those that can’t handle stones shouldn’t throw food in glass houses. And, I have some indignant, dauntingly-delicious-diatribe-replies to illustrate such.

    Peace, love, dope…

  • harper

    dangitt – you have no idea how accurate that statement is.

  • jrp

    @ Billusa99, stay mad, brother, and keep telling it like it is even if they don’t wanna hear it

    swarthy ain’t even really a word, Addison over used it anyway and from my lofty perch over here used it wrong more than thrice

  • AC

    It seems the word swarthy has been used more on these comment pages than @ the DMN….

    For those who dont think it is a word, here is a dictionary def w/a quote by another Addison.


    Swarth”y\, a. [Compar. Swarthier; superl. Swarthiest.] [See Swart, a.] Being of a dark hue or dusky complexion; tawny; swart; as, swarthy faces. “A swarthy Ethiope.” –Shak.

    “Their swarthy hosts would darken all our plains.” — Josephe Addison.

    Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998

  • Swarth Vader

    ‘Twas Ella Wheeler Wilcox said, “Laugh and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone; For the sad old earth must borrow its swarth, but has trouble enough of its own”

    Or as Freckles Addison put it —

    Deep in the Heart of Tex-Mex – “swarthy grilled baby goat and intriguing sweetbread fajitas at El Ranchito”

    Screen Door – “the swarthy smoked apple butter accompanying the cheddar biscuits”

    Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek – “a sliver of squid stuffed with swarthy oxtail”

    Pappas Bros. – “another beckons with a swarthy sense of romance”

    Villa-O – “Buoyant spaghetti in a swarthy Bolognese sauce”

    Lonesome Dove – “swarthy chunks of applewood-smoked bacon”

    Kavala – “learned how to craft a swarthy lamb gyro”

    Dallas Fish Market – “a bowl of sweet-but-swarthy lobster-corn chowder”

    Afghan Grill – “smidgens of assorted salads, swarthy stews, sweating meats, a snowdrift of lukewarm rice”

    Shandiz – “a swarthy bowl of molten eggplant drizzled with yogurt”

  • Billusa99

    AC – If one is going to participate in ‘Spot the Looney’ with words posted here, then please back it up with the local Google count. IJS.

    Harper – Pumpkin Carving and Internet history – Not Just for Kids

    Swarth Vader – my dear departed Mother’s most favorite poem and my most lived thoughts, esp. at this time in my crazy life. Thanks for that version~!

  • DMN

    OK, you all win….we’ll bring Dotty back…

  • AC

    well, you must have more time to kill than the rest of us….

  • mike

    is Waltrina still around ???

  • Kirk


    “well, you must have more time to kill than the rest of us….”

    Spoken like a person with the time to follow and argue a thread for three hours, plus type a definition from Webster’s.

  • dangitt

    Dotty!!!! Yikes! I take it all back! :^)
    My point was just that sometimes enough is enough. And I do appreciate satire, but this blog has jumped the snark as far as Mr. A goes. He will be missed for sure, but I doubt he will miss this. Now enough from me, let’s eat!

  • TG

    waltrina rules

  • paolo

    The difference between satire and what this blog does is that satire is actually funny. SideDish (and D Magazine in general) is a Burn Book by the kids at the nerd table in the cafeteria.

  • what about his whole new rating system? what happens then? did he get to everyone? did he rerate the entire dallas dining scene? or just knock a few stars off here and there? IJS.

  • JD

    Oh the Misery of it all.

  • Sherri

    Thank you up above! Sidedish is all we need.