Tristan Simon Hearts David McMillan

Just off the phone with Tristan Simon who is getting ready to unveil his newest venture, Victor Tango’s on Henderson Avenue. I haven’t seen the space, formerly known as Sense, since Simon has redone it, but he gave me a verbal taste of the menu designed by his new corporate chef, David “62 Main No More” McMillan. Yow. Zah. It’s over-the-top sophisticated gastro bar food. McMillan has taken a cue from the current charcuterie trend and added lots of cured meats to the menu. He has also created some killer egg dishes, takes on seafood, little steaks, and what I want for breakfast this morning, a foie gras Monte Cristo. Prices seem reasonable-most are in the $10-to-$14 range. Simon also sez he’s still in close touch with former partner Nick Badovinus who is putting the finishing touches on his own place, Neighborhood Services. Badovinus sez he’ll be open the second week of October. Things are starting to pick up around here.