The Grape Is Open for Lunch on Fridays Through December 26

Hooray! Now we don’t have to wait for dinner to get that famous mushroom soup. Friday lunch service at The Grape starts this Friday, October 3, from 11:30 am-2 pm. Other goodies promised by chef-owner Brian Luscher: a “killer cheeseburger” (I think more information is required here), moules frites, cascabel and cerveza chopped pork sandwich, and buttermilk-battered chicken. Thank goodness fall and winter clothing is a bit more forgiving, because I’ve gained 10 pounds just writing about it. (Oh, wait. I think I gained 10 pounds eating lobster rolls this past weekend.)


  • R Dangerfield

    Bring back the original mushroom soup recipe and i will be there…I do miss Mark and Jessica!

  • “a killer cheeseburger”
    grilled 10 oz patty, homemade peppered bacon,
    white cheddar,& dijonaise on a toasted pain au lait bun with frites on the side.

    Mark will be here this Friday for lunch and the mushroom soup is the original recipe.

  • John Doe

    If the mussels on the dinner menu are any indication, the lunch-time Moules Frites will be worth twice whatever The Grape charges. I’ll be there this Friday, glass of wine in hand and bowl of Moules Frites on shirt.

  • brian

    i’ll buy you a hamburger if you can get me off work this friday..

  • Burgers….drooling now.

  • Liz

    The killer cheeseburger is indeed killer. Mine at brunch was a perfectly cooked medium rare and obviously really good beef. Not at all fatty, but still very juicy and tender. Excellent cheese, excellent bacon (and I’m all about the bacon), perfect lettuce and tomato and home made pickles that won over even my husband, the hater of all things pickled.

    Hands down, this was the best burger I’ve had in quite a while. We’re planning our lunches and trying not to drool like Homer Simpson in anticipation.