• Squinty Watch

    Uh Kristiana

    Earth to Romula: H E L L O!

    She may be a big loser on the Food Network, but don’t think for one minute that ‘ol squinty doesn’t have her own show because she in fact does.

    Its called Star Trek and is on on Tuesdays and Thurdays on TVland cable. Heaps of shame on you for not knowing Kristiana.

    So now go where no apron has gone before.

  • Ciao Bella

    Did Lisa cater Mr. Sulu’s recent nuptials? Would have made a perfect fit for some fine Vulcanian cuisine….

  • George Takei

    Oh yes Ciao Bella, Brad and I had a lovely wedding and Lisa did a superb job catering it too. Everything went off nearly flawlessly except Lisa burnt the curry rubbed pork chops again like she did on NFNS and then started crying and squinting until my dear Brad offered to buy a closet full of her tacky aprons. I’m happy to report that she instantly cheered up, stopped squinting, and even started singing in that loud baying voice of hers (at least right up until the point our wedding guest Shatner cut off her mike). But excellent job overall.

  • Brandy

    retarded. would love to see what you guys look like and comment on it for the rest of Dallas to see. Lisa is beautiful. and her squinty eyes are so dang cute…

  • girloftheworld

    Squinty did Lisa steal your boyfriend in highschool? Or are you this bitter and ugly about other parts of life as well? Egads! Get some new shtick cause yours is so tired.(insert bored sigh and big eyeroll here)

  • James

    Personally I find the Vulcan/Star Trek stuff hilarious. Thought it was more about her Moe of the Three Stooges style haircut than squinting(?), but her hair style does make her look Vulcan that’s for sure.

  • johnny

    get a life squinty watch. she is clearly doing better than you.