Thursday, May 23, 2024 May 23, 2024
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Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, Part 1


Last night I took my birthday-having friend and my Dallas Cowboy-loving mother to celebrate life, football, and steaks at Del Frisco’s on Spring Valley Road. I did not know in advance that ESPN 103.3 broadcasts Brady Tinker’s show live from the dining room every Tuesday night. Much to Mommy’s delight, Brady was there with Cowboys defensive ends Marcus Spears and Chris Canty and who we think was Felix Jones. (I tried to track it down on the ESPN site but I got dizzy trying to maneuver around.) Anywhoo, football players and old-man groupies aside, the dining room was packed with happy diners.

So, why am I so unhappy this morning? I can not breathe. My sinuses are inflamed from the amount of cigar smoke I involuntarily inhaled last night. I never saw a cigar-maybe they have a private room in the back and the smell was circulating through the ventilation system, but the aroma was a meal killer.

I apologize for the lousy picture I took of the No Smoking sign posted outside of the restaurant, but here is my question: Why was the restaurant filled with cigar smoke? Do the rules bend when there is a Dallas Cowboy in the house? Dee Lincoln, I’m asking you.