Hey Cupcake: Get Free Ones at the State Fair

Okay, so you do have to pay to get into the Fair. But we know you were planning on going at some point. Why not hit it up Monday, October 6, around 2:30pm? Walk past the fried everythings that you know won’t taste good anyway, and head to the Creative Arts Building, where chef Jeff Moschetti and pastry chef Rafael Torano (left) from the Warwick Melrose Landmark Restaurant will be doing a cupcake-making demo. But these aren’t just any old cupcakes. They’re called “Adult Cupcakes,” and they’re made with Guinness Stout chocolate cake, vanilla gelato, chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, a cherry and powdered sugar. And yes, the chefs will be giving out free cupcake samples.


  • It will be @ 2:30 PM on the 6th of October. Can’t wait!