Eating Maine: Part I

So here I am in Kennebunkport, Maine, where we narrowly escaped Hurricane Kyle. (Apparently it swung east. Hooray!) Did this stop us from enjoying ourselves? Of course not–because there were lobster rolls to be had. We drove in from Boston–we had this big idea to take in the fall foliage along the way, which turned out to be a bad idea because it was dark and raining and we couldn’t see the foliage, anyway–and we got lost heading to White Barn Inn, where we are staying. (We asked for directions four times and finally made it.) Friday night we stopped at Alisson’s Restaurant, where there is a famous lobster roll, apparently. And, because I knew I was coming to New England, I had been fantasizing about lobster rolls for a week. To start I had a special: cheeseburger soup, which was kinda like queso (nice!), all spicy and loaded with ground beef. The “famous” lobster roll was stuffed full of sweet meat, doused with mayo, and served with too-sweet coleslaw and pickle chips. It was mighty tasty, but I wasn’t convinced it deserved its famous billing. I washed it all down with Sam Adams Oktoberfest–then slept like a baby at the White Barn. Although it started off a little rough, the day ended up a-okay. Funny what a little lobster and beer can do.


  • Chris

    If you were staying at the Green Heron, you’d be telling us about the most amazing breakfast.

    As for the lobster rolls, the Clam Shack’s, across the bridge, is better, but the best I’ve had is at the The Oarweed a few miles south at Ogunquit in Perkins Cove.

    If you are having a lobster dinner, Noonan’s in Cape Porpoise is hard to beat. Enjoy!