Chef Jason Boso Remains in the Hospital

A few weeks ago, Chef Jason Boso (Twisted Root Burger Company and Cowboy Chow) was driving his Vespa scooter when he was hit by a Hummer trying to turn in front of him. Yow. Zah. He has been in the hospital for three weeks and is still in and out of ICU. A good friend of Boso’s sends this note to the Dish Nation:

He is sick about being away from the restaurants, but thankfully he has talented managers who are keeping the restaurants running smoothly! I’d love to see some of his fans run out to the Root or Cowboy Chow over the next few days to show their support (maybe even leave him a note). I’m sure that would help his spirits immensely.

Nation, I think that is doable. Head to Deep Ellum and grab a burger at Root or a brisket grilled cheese at Cowboy Chow and help this chef. Boso doesn’t want the hospital revealed, so leave your greetings in the comments below. Three weeks in a hospital is a long time. Let’s cheer this guy up. Eat. Drink. Save a chef.

(photography by Kevin Hunter Marple)


  • DTD

    Hang in there, Jason! I’ll trade you a blue cheese jalapeno burger for your jello…

  • Keep the faith.

    You will be back in no time and coming up with new cuisine for all of us to eat.

    I am going to Cowboy Chow this week its the type of place you crave after eating there once.

    Stay strong and get well.

  • Kathie

    Much love to you! I will take my kids and friends there this week. Hurry back.

  • DGirl

    Aww, Chef. So sorry you’re laid up. Take care, be strong and we’ll all be waiting for you when you make your grand back in the restaurants.

  • Hang in there, bud.

  • Spicy Tuna

    I know you’re already plotting ways to revamp hospital food menus! Be stong! Kisses! -Spicy

  • T Star

    OH NO! Hang in there and get well soon!
    No wonder, I’ve been craving a burger…

  • Grog

    get well soon, buddy. i want my movies back. and JG is getting tired of going out with me.

  • BirdBrain

    Dude, holy crap. That is a serious bummer. Love the lolipops at Chow. I’m heading down tomorrow to chow down. Get well. Dallas needs you!

  • CBS

    This guy is one of the most under rated restaurateurs in Dallas. The Root is one of my top 5 in spots in Dallas. Buffalo is just that good. Get well soon!

  • Crook

    As a fellow Vespa owner, this totally freaks me out! Grogy keeps me updated on your progress…I’m thinking about you every day!

  • Borat

    I plan to visit your bovine food establishment very soon. I hear it makes belly satisfied, but very concerned about the name. A penoose turned round and round makes painful thoughts. Get better soon, and HIGH FIVE!

  • Texas Cash Register

    Geez, what a way to get a break from the kitchen! Rest up and get well. We are all wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Jody and the rest of the staff at TCR

  • Mom Grog

    You must get back to work so I can FINALLY eat those sweet potatoe fries and burgers!! My tummy is rumbling~ key word is REST and prayer being said daily for full recovery fast!!

  • Wow, with so many bikes and scooters on the road now this is happening more and more. All of us have to remain diligent in our attention to the smaller of us on the road!!! Best wishes.

  • Kelly Smith

    I was so sorry to hear the news, but am hopeful that Jason will make a full recovery. For my part, I grabbed a friend and headed over to grab lunch. It was delicious. I had the brisket sloppy joe sandwich, but my companion struck gold with the brisket taco. So great, we just had to add a homemade peanut butter cookie/chocolate ice cream sandwich for dessert. Will definitely head back to buzzsaw through the taco selections.


    Just love Cowboy Chow — get well chef and hope you’re back in the saddle very soon!

  • Jerod

    Hope you get up and around soon. We miss seeeing you at the restaurant – Jerod & Shawna

  • el Roy

    Rest up and get well soon, my friend!

  • Stephanie Hedderich

    I’m praying for you every day. Take care and we’ll party again soon. Love you!!!

  • Shannon


    My thoughts are with you for a healthy recovery. I am going to charter a jet to take me back to Big D and chow down at the Root. 😉

    Miss you! Best wishes!


  • Mary Wright Shah

    You are in our thoughts and we will be sending happy thoughts and positive energy your way and to the restaurant!
    Warmest regards, Mary Wright Shah

  • GIGI

    Wow, he’s cute…Does he need a nurse to give him a bath? A very soapy, hot steamy bath?

  • Heidi

    Just a note to wish you a speedy recovery- you obviously have a huge support group, many people sending out positive vibes and encouraging patronage at your restaurants (I plan to check out Cowboy Chow in the very near future, and LOVE Twisted Root!). Best to your health and happiness.

  • DTD

    Jason is doing better, though tomorrow marks 5 weeks in the hospital. Thanks to all who have visited the restaurants to drop a note and/or posted their good wishes here.

    Hopefully he’ll be back in the kitchen soon! If you know Jason, you know the walls are probably starting to close in on him after being in the same place for so long.

  • Kit Johnston

    Jason, those of us in Career Services at The Art Institute of Dallas send you our thoughts and prayers. We are planning to eat lunch at Twisted Root soon to lend our support! We will miss you so hurry back!

  • oohhh nice info there.