• Nate

    Mike Lima is a good friend of mine, and he’s said that the economy isn’t a good excuse for what is happening with the business he and Rhonda built for 5 years here. You can see his own statement at from earlier.

    I’ve read a few people saying they regret not making the drive there or not going there enough because they were lazy, etc. Stop lamenting your laziness. Go and support other locally owned business, no matter how “tired” you are. Unless you have mono or chronic fatigue syndrome, you should have enough energy to make the quick drive to a local restaurant, bakery, retail store, etc. and support them, instead of the larger scale, corporate owned businesses at the mall.

    Go hug a chef, a baker, your server, etc.

  • brian

    heheh well it’s a bit more than a quick drive and I do my best to support the local businesses, but one (tired & lazy) guy can only do so much.

    but otoh the UT-Arkansas game has been postponed, so I’ll be able to go down Saturday for one last visit, hopefully they don’t run out of chocolates by 1PM…