A Little Bit of Amsterdam in Dallas

Last February I went to Amsterdam. It is one of my favorite cities in the world. The Beemster cheese is addictive (you can buy it at locally at Central Market). With the exception of a few Indonesian places, the food isn’t the greatest in the world, but the “coffee” is better than any tricked up latte you’ll ever smoke drink at Starbutt’s (not a typo). After a few “cups”, it’s great to rent a bike (left) and head out to one of the many fabulous museums (Hi, Vince!). When I miss Amsterdam, I go to Café Rembrandt on McKinney. No, you won’t find “ladies of the night” or Eurotrash folks standing outside smoking, but they do have reproductions of the Dutch masters on the walls and a few bites of Dutch fare on the menu.

You might want to take both of your ears there this weekend: they are featuring some live music from Tim Miller (Friday at 9PM) followed by Clay and the Electronic Cowboys (Saturday, 10PM). I don’t know anything about the music, perhaps Nikki, our pie and herb expert, can ask her husband. Oh, you may want to call ahead—it’s probably BYOCoffee.

(Beemster, the cheese that won’t get you arrested.)


  • VM

    Speaking of, where can you get a Rijsttaffel in town?