Tea Party

Someone on this blog once asked if I had a job. And I do. I have two jobs. Which is why I don’t blog very often and when I do it’s often days after the fact. But, you know what they say, better late than never. So without further ado: Saturday tea at Screen Door. In a word, delightful.

First course: sweet potato scones with smoked apple butter. Light and crumbly perfection they were, though I didn’t necessarily care for the smoked flavor of the apple butter.

Second course: Teeny sandwiches (pictured). From left to right: Texas slaw and avocado on a mini corn muffin; pepper Jack, spinach, and wild mushroom on house-made brioche; pulled braised beef with sweet onion and horseradish aoili on a baby cheddar biscuit; Amarosa tomato filled with goat cheese and marinated cucumber.

Third course (pictured above): Petit fours. I squealed with delight when I saw the dish come out.

A few other things of note. The china was a dainty sweet pink and green pattern. If I recall correctly it was Haviland. Each course was paired with a choice of tea. The meal was prix fixe, with a choice of Miss Melanie or Miss Scarlett. The latter, only a few dollars more, included a glass of champagne or a mint julep. We all turned our noses up at the mere mention of a mint julep, having tried it once in New Orleans and decided it was, well, the most disgusting thing ever. The server talked us into it, however, assuring us that this was like no other. And she was right. It gave mint juleps a new name.

Also, there was a smokin’ hot dish behind the bar who commented on my dress. If you are him: E-mail me.


  • Joygerm

    Who is this person? Her posts border on the inane. Annoying!

  • Mary Fox

    You want to talk annoying, how about someone who comes up with the name “Joygerm”? Is that like “Prozacfart”?

  • Joygerm

    Ha ha – touche! I prefer “infectious spreader of joy”

  • Renae Allison

    ok, let’s all be friends now

  • Brent D.

    @Joygerm – the mission or the mission statement needs attention.

  • Brandy

    yeah really… shouldn’t your post “Joygerm” be a little less attacking and mean than that? That was just plain rude.

  • stephtx

    Is the tea loose leaf? Sounds promising!

  • Renae Allison

    surprisingly the tea is not loose leaf. it is tea forte: http://www.teaforte.com/. the server does tell you how long to brew each variety though

  • A.Stewert

    It’s nice to know that there is still a place in Dallas for tea! Ladies who like to lunch very admirable. Also, what ever happen to Manuel Adame the tea guru from the Adolphus?

    I miss the s&s glad to know tiny sandwiches & cakes are available.

  • A.Stewart (&TWIMC): Eden (4416 West Lovers Lane 75209) also does a lovely High Tea. Chef Karen Kahn (former Chef Garde Manger Ritz Carlton,…) makes the most beautiful & tasty teasandwiches, freshly baked Scones, all sorts of things dipped in fine dark Chocolate(Strawberries, Apricots,…), plus much more, and very reasonably priced ($20 ++). The “girls” better go hungry! : The teasandwiches might be “tiny”, but there is plenty to eat!

  • dallas teaman manuel

    for those who are interested in finging manuel the tea guru formerly of the adoluphus please contact La duni North park for fashion tea once a month in the caoba room and christmas tea with manuel please contact me personally [email protected] or [email protected] or telephone 214-579-3815, and the restaruant number 214-987-2260 have a blessed day. brand new tuxedo feel great with the La duni family.