• Rawlins Nichol & Dime Bags

    Heartwarming story. However. The untold after-story is that Lisa was said by ‘shocked onlookers’ to have ‘seized’ the ‘horrified and wailing’ young Maggie and was ‘spooted loading’ the young fan into (according to spotty witness accounts) a ‘flame motif decor’ minivan, reportedly last seen at a Stop & Go in Sunnyvale. An Amber Alert has been issued.

  • Sean Avery

    How ’bout we make a Sean sandwich, ladies?

  • Blogjacker

    Time for a new format, Nancy. Yes, you should.

  • Fred

    At first I was convinced that Lisa had concocted this whole story up and e-mailed herself. Then I recalled that when Lisa did try to write something a while back that it was largely unreadable due to her spelling errors, bad grammer, and obvious lack of formal education.

    In fact I remember laughing out loud at the very thought of Lisa seeing (sic) after every other word and asking her husband Mr. Lisa why do various editors around town think she is so sick? Too funny.

  • carlos

    Sean please tell me I am reading that wrong cause ya sound a bit like a perv