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Gay Boys Two-Time Me


OMG, I feel like Susan Hayward in I’ll Cry Tomorrow. You know, the movie with the greatest tagline EVER: ” Filmed on location; inside a woman’s soul.” At one point Hayward’s character, Lilian Roth, has it all–fame, fortune, a thriving career, and a stable of gay men to style her fabulous wardrobe.

Then–poof–and the puffs are gone. (Sorry I’m mixing my FagHag movies here.)

I backfill here to get you up to speed: just a couple of weeks ago Les Boys over at Gay List Daily ran their first their “Hooray for Hags” profile which featured me. Today I wake up to find they are recommening THIS!

Oh, I’m spinning out. My inner-Lilian is coming forward: “I can’t be anything except what I am! Look, look–what did you drop that bottle for? What are you trying to do, drive me crazy? Go on, GET THE BOTTLE! GET IT NOW!”

(Exit stage left.)