Update on One Arts Plaza

One Arts Plaza is my newest favorite place in Dallas. If I had a million dollars, I would buy me a condo. Why? Because it’s the happening spot in Dallas. Nice Michelle in the marketing department just gave me some serious poop. Ready?

No news here: Screen Door and Dali Wine Bar are open for business and packing them in. Go now before the hoards.

Jorge’s, from that keep-it-weird city down south, will open by July 31st. Eaten at Jorge’s in Austin? Then you already know about Jorge, the wacky dude in the fancy clothes. He’ll be in Big D from time to time, but his daughter, another Michelle, will handle the space here.

Also set to open around the same time is Fedora Restaurant & Lounge, an upscale Italian restaurant (oh, no! ) brought to you by Gina Campisi of, yes, you’re as always, way ahead of me, Campisi’s.

And the best for last: Teiichi Sakurai, who sold his popular spots Tei Tei and Teppo/Moosh Bar in the spring, will open Tei An, a sushi bar and soba noodle house around the first of August.

Other One Arts news: Mark your calendars for October 16th. They’re going to close down the surrounding streets for a major block party. And all the little groups responsible for producing the Arts District will align as one healthy organization and throw a ginormous party. (Other events here.)

Oh, I almost forgot the poop: According to my inside source, there are loads of dog lovers living in One Arts, including one named Prada and another called Rolex. (Way to go T-3, call me dude!) Is this a great city or what? Back to you, Wick.


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  • A dog named Rolex. Does that make it a watch dog?

  • Nancy Nichols

    Oh, that is good.

  • Brandon

    Not sure how awesome it would be to have a condo close to the giant square light.

  • Brian

    I am strangely drawn to that square… I will obey.

  • Trey Garrison

    Look, I like Lucy Billingsley and I like this project, but what’s the number on how many condos have sold to actual people who will live there?

    (As opposed to investors or “friends of the developer”?)

  • mm

    Should it worry me that I can’t find any prices on the menu for Screen Door?

  • :)

    MM, just a little bit, but everyone says it is good. I honestly have not eaten there, just had drinks but glanced at the menu and prices run along the lines of Fearing’s.

    It did seem like an older crowd, and one who can afford not to know the prices. Ha ha.

    Very nice people watching. And waitstaff in outfits designed by Billy Reid. Girls in Riding Pants and such.

    When are we going to have a report/review from Nancy??

  • Nancy Nichols

    September issue, I reckon.


    Am very excited about both Dali Wine Bar and Screen Door openings too — but when you get on their website(s)to find out their hours of operation or what days they’re even open — this kinda info stuff doesn’t appear to exist anywhere on the website?? (unless I’m blind as a bat). Also the Dali website allows you to click on their menu to see what uber talented chef Joel Harloff’s up to these days — but alas no menu comes up. Vexing.
    C’mon guys — these are your customers — not mine and I gotta party of six ready and waitin’ to go!

  • allison

    If the issue comes out in September, they’ll close mid-August.

  • Ebby Holiday

    I think that your inside person must work in PR. You can shoot a canon thru OAP’s sales center and not hit anyone but the sales staff on a lot of days.

    There’s a reason that Victory Park has stopped building high-end condos. They are NOT moving. Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Well I guess I wasn’t clear, I was really talking about the restaurant scene taking place on the ground floor.

  • House Wolf

    The restaraunts at One Arts Plaza are certainly a great addition to NE downtown as with others that are opening downtown. One Arts Plaza does have some things to address no doubt. But one thing is for sure…Dallas has embraced luxury high rise living. I can’t wait to see Museum Tower start.

  • N. Hale

    In answer to Trey – according to DCAD, it appears 33 or so condos at One Arts have sold (most recent available records). Many are still listed under Billingsley.

  • Trey Garrison

    N. Hale — that’s the trend right now.

  • Paul Pinnell

    Hey, we are “dog friendly” on the patio at Dali…but do not expect a “designer water bowl”! Stunning patio with downtown vistas is worth a visit–not to mention the FOOD.

  • Hi. In response to Trey’s question about condo owners [Trey Garrison @ July 2nd, 2008 at 12:42 pm]: No investors at One Arts. Billingsley ensures that these are permanent residences and investing is not considered. The concept makes for a great neighborhood. For more scoop about the residences, call Becky Frey or Claire Dewar of Briggs Freeman Real Estate Brokerage 214-350-0400 – they are the listing agents for the condos and will have the correct info on how many residences are remaining for sale.