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Two of the Best Culinary Offerings in Nebraska

By Julie Blacklidge |

Fairbury Brand Tomboy Hot DogsOver Fourth of July weekend, my new hubby and I drove to his hometown of Fairbury, Nebraska for a visit with his grandma Rose. With 4,262 people in Fairbury, you wouldn’t expect the tiny mid-western town to produce one of Nebraska’s most popular culinary contributions–the Fairbury Brand Tomboy Stadium Hot Dogs. The official hot dog of the Husker Nation. These juicy dogs are tasty. Nebraskans not only take their football as seriously as Texans, they are adamant about their wieners. Story goes that another corporate-giant-type company outbid the humble small-town favorite as the exclusive Husker hot dog. The industrious underdogs set up carts outside the stadium, attracting crowds of hungry tailgaters who eventually demanded the stadium serve the plump Tomboys instead. No word from the company on where to find ’em in Texas, unless you count my freezer (we brought them back in a cooler). If you’re in Nebraska, they’re readily available at many grocery stores. Follow the jump to see my other favorite Nebraska foodie find (for you healthy types).

Hand-picked, fresh Mulberries. From a tree, not a bush. The nursery rhyme got it wrong.

Fresh Mulberries