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The Fairmont Hotel is Rebuilding The Pyramid Restaurant

By Nancy Nichols |

“What has one voice, and is four-footed, two-footed and three-footed?”

A snake? A building contractor? A dining critic? Oh, I give up. I can never remember the answers those wacky Thebans gave when trying to solve the riddle of the Sphinx.

But back on this side of the world, in downtown Dallas, the great Pyramid restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel is getting a face lift. Anyone remember the glory days of the Pyramid Room–the gaucho-clad sommelier on the ladder; the ice swans with a sorbet palate cleanser on top; male diners in suits and ties?

It doesn’t sound like they’re going backward, the press release says the redone restaurant will “resonate with a modern, sleek, contemporary look evoking a stylish vigor and energy.” However, they are adding a Chef’s Tasting Room for sampling executive chef J.W. Foster’s new cuisine.

And since they are located in the Arts District, there will be tons of new art: the focal point of the new space “is an organic, eight-foot, teak wood sculpture that is an amazing artistic interpretation of a centuries-old, crosscut tree perched on an ornate bronze base.” (That is sooo Lisa Garza.)

Anywhoo, the renovations have begun and the new Pyramid Restaurant and Bar will be unveiled in mid-September. I hope they have a costume party for the opening–I want to go as Atia on Rome.