SOLey! Opens on Henderson Avenue

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed how happening Henderson Avenue is these days. New bars and restaurants keep opening almost weekly. Here’s another one: SOLey! No, I’m not just excited about this place and adding my own exclamation point, that’s what they’re calling themselves, so that’s what I’m typin. The concept “combines classical French technique with touches of traditional Mexican cuisine,” according to the release, which makes me a little nervous because I like usually like places that stick to one cuisine. But hey, don’t knock it til you try it.

I like the story behind SOLey! (wow, that name is really not rolling off my tongue, or my keyboard): Mexico native Norma Heredia travels to France to study at Paul Bocuse Culinary Institute, meets fellow Mexican culinary student Jose Vasconcelos on her first day, they fall in love speaking only French to each other and eating lots of fondue and drinking bottles of Cotes du Rhone (okay I made that up but they did fall in love), and six years later, voila! Or, sorpresa! They are married and opening this restaurant.

On to the food: Escargots with tomatillo puree, filet of beef with shrimp and chipolte potato gratin, and churros with three dipping sauces. You get the idea. Jump for the rest of the lineup. As far as I can tell there’s no website. The phone number is 214-485-1302. They’re open Tues-Sat for dinner.


Les Saint Jacques

Chile oil marinated seared scallops, papaya sauce and avocado mousse.   13

Chile en Nogada

    Poblano pepper stuffed with duck confit, walnut cream sauce and
    pomegranate reduction.                                                                       10

Le Foie Gras

Pan seared foie gras, beets and apples in red wine caramel

    guava reduction and petite salade.                                                                  18

Atún al Grill

Grilled ahi tuna, mango black bean sauce and fried plantain.                            13


    Escargots in tomatillo purée, cilantro oil, spicy tomato coulis,
    petite salade.          14


Caldo de Langosta

    Lobster consomé with vegetable brunoise and aïoli crouton.                          8

Soupe à l’Oignon

    Lemony onion soup, Oaxaca cheese en crouton, avocado.            6

Le Caesar

Caesar salad with panela cheese, roasted poblano Caesar

dressing and cilantro herb crouton.                                 8

Le Chèvre Chaud

    Chicharrón (pork rind) encrusted goat cheese, port wine reduction
    and frisé-mâche salade with truffle oil.                                                                        10

Ensalada Soley!

Mixed greens with jícama, beets and orange wedges, crispy tortilla

strips and honey chipotle dressing.                                                 9

Mango-Cucumber-Basil Iced Tea 2.75 ~ Soft Drinks 1.95 ~ Voss Sparkling and Still Water (800ml) 6.00

* Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

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    Lamb chop with chorizo, black bean purée, plantains and rosemary jus.                 28
    Puerco al Ancho
    Ancho pepper pork chop, silky truffle corn purée, mixed mushrooms
    and tequila demi glace. 26
    Bœuf et Crevette
    Filet of beef with grilled shrimp, chipotle potato gratin, fried onions                                                             and herb red wine sauce.                                                                                   33
    Filete de Pescado
    Red snapper, cilantro-jalapeño risotto and artichoke broth.                                                   27
    Le Flétan a la Veracruz
    Halibut, veracruzana sauce, yucca cake and citrus beurre blanc.     28
    Pollo al Guajillo
    Orange guajillo pepper glazed chicken with garlicky mash, ratatouille and
    orange guajillo sauce.                                                           24
    Côte de Bœuf
    Rib eye with mushroom fricassee, yucca fries, baby vegetables and pink
    peppercorn citrus demi glace.                                                                 31


    Cajeta Crème Brûlée
    Caramelized goat’s milk crème brûlée with fresh berries.                         7
    Mexican fritter bites served with 3 dipping sauces: berries coulis,
    “Navan” vanilla liqueur curd and spiced chocolate ganache.    7
    Chocolat Chaud
    Warm spiced chocolate cake with vanilla-tequila ice cream.                           9
    Trio de Sorbets
    Fresh fruit and herb sorbets. Ask your server for today’s assortment.   7

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