Next Food Network Star 2008 Winner Revealed on Show’s Website Before Final Episode

A SideDish reader just left an interesting comment on a post that led me to check out the tip on the Next Food Network Star 2008 website. The claim? The site has already revealed the winner of the show that doesn’t air until Sunday night at 9:00PM. In case you’ve already paid the caterer for your Lisa-Adam-Aaron watching party or you are really into the show, I am not going to tell you who wins, but I am truly astounded by the fact that they have posted the “Exit Interviews” for the two “losers” and the “Winning Moment” clip for the winner 3 days before the show airs. What is the point of the show?

If you don’t care what happens Sunday, you can, at least at 11:14pm on Thursday night you could, find out the results by clicking on the Next Food Network Star website and listen to Lisa’s interview on the right of the page. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THE OUTCOME, go back to sleep or Law & Order or whatever you were doing and pretend this is all a bad TV dream. Just freakin’ unbelievable. Crazy, Flip City, inmates-run-the-asylum kind of stuff. I’m making a video of the interviews in case they call foul. (Note to self: get Stephanie March on the case.) That sound.


  • Cele

    Not only are the exit interviews posted, as well as the demo shows, but if you look on the “find an episode” pulldown menu you will see a show called “Big Daddy’s House,” Wonder whose show that could be? Someone should lose a job for this mixup!
    I learned more from Lisa’s demo tape in four short minutes than I did in most of the recent FN shows I’ve seen.
    Jerk rubs… beer can chickens… is this what FN thinks I want to see? They just lost a viewer.

  • I’m shocked. Do you think this was planned or is someone’s head gonna roll for this? Can you imagine if an intern uploaded someting wrong? Wow.

  • food

    All finalist interviews are down. Guess someone caught it.

  • trimi

    The entire 7/21 blog w/ comments appears to be down now as well. Damage control?

  • Nancy Nichols

    Looks like they got the word and are scouring the site for flaws.

  • maggies mom

    How much you bet we see a new Live show thrown together for Sunday where they all get their own show?

  • Jimmy

    Will the show go on? Or will we get an apology, and a Paula’s Party rerun on Sunday night? Lisa was the best candidate for the prize. Aaron had such a bad intro, and bland food in the last episode, and didn’t get eliminated… I knew something was up. We will know Sunday evening if this was planned, or if someone dropped the ball.

  • Amy S

    Y’know, I didn’t watch the Food Network before Lisa was on, and I won’t be watching it after this Sunday.

    Give me Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on the BBC any old day. It’s been on for a few years, but it is much more entertaining. Chef Ramsay spends a week at a failing pubs and restaurants (all over Europe), kicking butt and dropping the f-bomb. This is British TV, not all bad words are bleeped (I think it depends on if they’re being used as a noun or a verb). No one says “Gobsmacked” like Gordon.

  • Biff

    Bourdain was right when he said Food Network’s motto should be “Striving For Mediocrity.”

    That’s proven true by this season’s grouping on “Stars”, including Ms. Garza.

  • DTD

    Aw, HELL no.

    Amy’s right about Ramsay, too. I recommend Kitchen Nightmares to the students anytime I speak at a culinary school.

    If “Big Daddy” is the winner, then it certainly explains both the promo softballs from last week’s challenge – and the 3-way playoff outcome.

  • Anne

    Sorry I didn’t get there fast enough. How stupid can a network be? The cooking shows on PBS and BBC are much better. And let’s don’t forget Bourdain. I’ll watch Sunday night because I’ve been watching and want to know the outcome. But I’m outa there after that. Very interested in hearing Lisa’s take on all of this.

  • Jo

    Oh man, NO WAY. SO RIGGED!! She got robbed.

  • Jeff

    Can’t believe that dill won.

  • LM

    Why is this such a surprise? Aaron fits the demographic that they want for a new show. Who really needs another why guy? And they aren’t shopping for a fancy-foods fashion diva, either. It’s all marketing–they’re in business to make $$.

  • DOh!
  • Anne

    Well, this just works out nicely. Now I know. And now I can watch “Mad Men” instead. Much better. bye, bye FN.

  • LM

    Thanks DOh! I love spoilers!

  • lightbulb

    Sweet. More Coke the Van.

  • Tall Boy

    Well the certainly was anticlimactic. I can’t believe how badly TFN screwed up by pre-releasing the results of this season. I’ve been blogging in TNFNS judges blog, and I was on last night when the results were leaked. Wow, I bet the sponsors are livid! I know the bloggers were last night. This morning I see that all of the comments have been deleted, as well as the finalists videos.

    I am a Lisa fan. She will be fine. She has a great many successes that she can point to, and a very bright future. I know we have definitely not heard the last of Lisa Garza. In the mean time, I understand Suze has been booked solid for the next several weeks, and Lisa will have much to do in light of her newly energized celebrity status. I can’t wait to see what she and Gilbert come up with next.

    Not to take anything away from the winner of the series, Aaron McCargo, Jr. He seems like a nice guy, and his food looks good. He has a great deal of work ahead of him, and his challenge will be to maintain his momentum. I wish him the best.

  • Jo


  • DOh!

    I was just as surprised as the rest of you. I thought the finale was supposed to be live?

  • j.d.w…

    As a person whose title is “webmaster” I can tell you, whatever happened over there is my worst nightmare. For me, it usually occurs on a much smaller scale, and usually involves a press release about earnings going out before market close, etc… Some poor fellow geek will be receiving a pink slip later today. Ratings will for this episode will be interesting.

  • Tall Boy

    I really think someone will be missing the boat if they don’t choose Lisa to be the next Bond girl. Think about it. She has the looks, the energy, and the edgy style, and she has already proven that she can do an acrobatic high wire routine.

    Maybe they could do some sort of food theme set in Dallas, Vegas, and Paris. They could call it Bond Appétit

    Hmmmm, now I would pay to see that.

  • Jo

    I am sure Aaron is a nice guy, but he should have been kicked off last week. When they bent the rules, i knew they had picked him the winner. He shouldn’t be the winner, so therefore, it wasn’t a real competition.

    I’m just glad Nipa was so hard to deal with, they bent the rules to keep her on after she walked off the set. I really shouldn’t have been surprised they did it again.

  • Lori

    ummm…it was crazy to see the “exit” interview when I saw it under lisa’s name. i was wondering if I had slept for two days…exit interview???? I wondered if we will ever know what really happened.

    Well, I am not excited if aaron is the winner (maybe they are pulling a fast one on us, maybe)…especially when i believe lisa has so much potential. i have developed (in my head) a great program concept for her!

  • Lori

    OH…perhaps I should have warned readers…SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Sorry.

  • Wes Mantooth

    Food Network is off the rails. Other than Alton’s shows, I don’t watch it all anymore. I stumbled upon a repeat of last week’s Vegas episode the other night right when Bobby Flay was bringing out Paula Deen and the first thought that entered my mind was a question if that woman is a real person or a muppet? She’s like a characterization, a walking self-parody. It’s a shame how they’ve totally gone for the lowest common denominator.


    WHOOOOOOA NELLY! NOW HOLD ON RIGHT THERE tall boy. You just barked up the wrong tree there mister. I know your favorite Romulan makes you sit way up tall in the saddle and youra hurtin’ right now but that’s no reason to destroy James Bond too. What has James Bond ever done to you?

    Now all pretty much agree that the Food Network “Star” series was an odious corrupt messed up waste of our time — but there is no need, I repeat no need and makes absolutely no sense to screw up a fine series of Bond films too. Now stop that kinda talk and get a grip.

    Lisa will somehow get thru all of this just fine — trust me — there are cookbooks to write, aprons to sell, personal appearances at Star Trek conventions…… and so on. You’ll get thru this too Tall Boy — I’m pullin’ for you.

    So no more talk about — good grief — Bond Appetit. Ok?

  • parker

    Unforunately, this proves that they kept all three because they already chose Aaron as the winner. They couldn’t kick Adam off, as planned, because he won the challenge, and Lisa also did better than Aaron so she couldn’t go. What bothers me more than anything is how these people underestimate the intelligence of their viewers.

  • Ruth

    Judging by the outrage here I gather Lisa did not win. Hurrah!!!!! Her snobbish ways were insufferable. Oh poor me and my $300 shoes. I HATED her eyeshadow – it simply drove me crazy.


    Ruth — FYI — that eye shadow sells for $42.00 and I believe it’s from the L. Nimoy line of cosmetics.

  • Jo


  • gypsybootz

    I’m so disappointed. It’s just more of the same. I have been watching more FLN lately and hopefully they will pick up Lisa. She’s too good for FN — and yes, the new shows all cater to the lowest common denominator. Other than Ina and Alton and Nigella and Jamie and Ellie, it’s pretty boring. Oh, I like Michael Chiarello and Anne Burrell, too, and you always learn something new. No bedroom humor and tacky food from those classy people. Lisa is the only one who could teach us something new, unfortunately, but she’s a class act and will land on her feet.

  • Lori

    what is the commitment of fn to the nfns? ie: one show with 6 episodes, for example? this is my first season watching.


    Basically Lori they take people who should be committed and ……..

  • Lori

    ok…don’t anyone attack but aaron’s english is very poor. will that be part of his “charm” or do you think they will get him a tutor?

  • Nate

    This just proves that it doesn’t necessarily take any talent to get a TV show.

    I think the FN is trying to reach or grow a certain demographic. The idiotic Neelys? Please…I’ll take a sick bag with me to watch their show. Sure, they own a successful restaurant, but there are thousands of them around the country…many of whom are better suited to have a show.

    I can watch Bourdain for hours on end, because he’s blunt, sarcastic, intelligent, even reverent. Pure entertainment. I even have a bigger desire to visit Saudi Arabia now after his episode filmed there. He has great writers to create his dialogue, but he can really deliver a line.

  • anonymous

    aaron winning really pisses me off. nothing about him really was all that intriguing, and for god’s sake, he was already afraid of the camera. i do think this was an effort by food network to diversify, but they already have by sunny anderson and the awful neely’s. why do you think nipa made it for so long??????

    of the remaining three, it absolutely should have been lisa. in fact, adam and aaron should have been eliminated many episodes ago and lisa, kelsey, and shane should be the final three.


    Aarons english is not so much poor as it is slow Lori. The man speaks very slowly.

    As a former professional educator I don’t think a tutor is the solution to this particular problem and I think Ms. Nichols will back me up on this, I say just throw him in the back of a van with a whole buncha coke and that speech thing will clear up fast.

  • allison

    I find it interesting that the public voted for Amy Finley, the “gourmet next door,” in season 3 yet she got only a single episode. Lisa’s deal is kind of the same- gourmet but approachable. Aaron’s food seems like it’s in the same vein as Paula, the Neelys and Guy- not so healthy comfort food. It’s no wonder they took away the public final vote. They got a version of Lisa before, but it’s not what they wanted.

    That being said, why even have this show in the first place? Just audition privately and save us the charade.

  • TB

    Shocking. This show was terrible from the begining and should have never been allowed on the air. If that is the best talent this show could find then they all should get canned.

  • Mary_H

    Tall Boy………come find the regulars of the fn board at the google group, friends of Maurice.

  • Todd

    So…. this woman is already listing Aaron’s show as one of her production credits on Linked-In(

  • LM

    It may have been “terrible,” but we all watched it. We vote with the remote.

  • DocLynn

    Jimmy….friends are waiting at “friends of Maurice” just google….

  • Destin

    FN has gone downhill in recent years, and this stupid mistake is one of but many. In fairness, however, Amy Finley (the winner last year) did have six episodes, not just one, and was also offered a second season. However, Finley said in an interview that she found it all too stressful in the end and instead decided to go live in the south of France with her husband and children.

  • Todd

    I hate it when I’m right…. a new target demographic and ad revenue is what it’s all about these days, unfortunately.

    It seemed so obvious why Bobby spent so much time coaching up Aaron on camera and Guy took a very “hands-off” and “let them flail about and look bad” approach to both Lisa and Adam during the promos. Too bad they couldn’t coach Aaron on his “eating disorder” bit or his food selections, as well. That performance would have gotten anyone else booted from the show immediately. I’m thoroughly disgusting that he didn’t get booted off at the end like any of the others would have.

    Sorry Aaron supporters… while Aaron might be able to cook good tasting (if not bad for you) food, he certainly can’t teach us anything new or insightful about it (or incredibly basic for that matter – chipotle pepper anyone?). It’ll be yet another cook-by-numbers show.

    This isn’t any different from when they made a huge exception for Nipa or when they shoe-horned JAG into the finals of last year’s show, despite him not being one of the best two. Look how those decisions turned out for the network.

    BTW, regarding Amy Finley (who actually was the best one on the show last season), what did they do – air her show at 6:30 am? I saw one commercial for it, never stating what time it would be on and couldn’t find her pilot show – ever – much less the other five episodes. I highly doubt that they actually offered her a 2nd season, despite what it says on the FN website. Gee, they’ve never lied to us before, have they??

    Talk about the dumbing down of America. Food Network is starting to corner the market on it. This show is a complete farce and I hope no one tunes into the finale on Sunday. I know I won’t.

  • Lori

    does anyone remember the original “style” chanel? it featured high fashion and the people who make high fashion? i loved that chanel…and I guess someone sold their rights and it became the drek it is today. well…I would LOVE to see a chanel devoted to high style in food, fashion, architecture, music, art, travel etc…high concept…can someone make this happen….please. Also perhaps PBS (non-cable) can produce (more) shows that speak to this audience.

  • Lori

    i mean channel not chanel but my mind WAS on fashion…;)

  • kit

    FN is going on with business as usual, assuming only a handful of people saw Aaron as thw winner on their Web site. If true, then their viewing audience is indeed very small.

  • kit

    BTW, I get the feeling the “Big Daddy’s Kitchen” was already on the drawing board when Gordon Elliott brought it up during the last episode. It was probably already a done deal in their minds.

  • PerkyMac

    If dreams come true, “Big Daddy’s Kitchen” is Pat Neely without Gina, who has been relegated to the bedroom where she can shut up and lick the whisks and spoons, out of the public eye.

    I was a fan of Shane, but warmed up to Lisa. I like Aaron, but no way is he ready for this. The Peter Principle is alive and well – especially on FN. Lisa should win, hands down. The other contestants they really liked were given new shows and they’re advertising the heck out of them. Time will tell.

    I still have a few favs, like Ina, Tyler, Alton and now Anne. I hope they don’t run, because I don’t get FLN. ;(

  • Fatladysings

    Will look-a-here. It seems that something has raised it ugly head and some of you are letting some hidden feelings come out from under the hooded sheets.

    Aaron won several cooking challenges and he received good/great reviews for his other dishes (Iron chiefs and MS. Martha Steward)

    I will admit that his Vegas show challenge was not his best. But I think everyone had at least one bad week. (Lisa and Adam included… burned food and raw food). So if everyone was judged on one bad challenge, no one would win.

    FN has a wide variety of viewers. Would it be so bad that they wanted to address all demographics? Why should I watch shows day-in and day-out that I don relate too. Aaron cooks the kind of dishes using food that the average person already has in their kitchen.

    Since so many of you are being mean and hateful, I will pray that his show is very successful.

  • Jimmy


    Hooded sheets? You better check your english, this is very disrespectful. I always give everyone a chance to voice their opinion before voicing my view, but when you brought up the race thing… THAT BURNS ME UP!!!!! Do you think that anyone that is not pulling for Aaron is a racist? OMG!! please tell me you are kidding!! My favorite was Lisa from the start, and Aaron was my second favorite. Now I have to wonder if I am a racist for thinking that a white woman could be a better chef than a black man. I’m sorry, but skill is skill I’M N0T A RACIST!! and I think that Lisa is more skilled than Aaron!!!!!

  • Hey fatladysings, you’re singing a ridiculous song. BTW, not sure who the iron CHIEFS are and who’s this Martha STEWARD lady? Did she go to jail too?

  • Josh

    Lisa as a Bond girl? Great idea! And she can also sing the theme song!!

  • Fatladysings

    If you can’t stand the heat, stay out the kitchen. If you are one of the people my comments addressed, so be it. You mentioned the word racist not me.

    You said: “Now I have to wonder if I am a racist for thinking that a white woman could be a better chef than a black man. I’m sorry, but skill is skill I’M N0T A RACIST!! and I think that Lisa is more skilled than Aaron!!!!!”

    It is what it is!!!!

  • Jimmy

    I am the one that replied, and YOU SAID HOODED SHEETS!!! SO ARE YOU A RACIST??

  • Jimmy

    I’m right here, so come on are my comments racist?

  • Jimmy

    Okay, she’s not gonna answer, but I really like Aaron, he’s a really nice guy and an excellent chef, but I like Lisa better.

  • Jimmy

    I’m still here, you can come in anytime.

  • Fatladysings

    To Jimmy,

    Unless you are using two or three different names to post, your post mentioned nothing about Aaron’s inability to speak the King’s English (and some of the other inappropriate comments). So that would mean my post was not directed at you. So you must just want to get something off your chest (free your mind son, free your mind).

    Go back and read some of the posts. Tell me that they are not personal attacks.

    As far as my not replying to your post (s), I am a store owner in the 4th largest city in the US. Time for me to close and count my green money.

  • Jimmy

    I’m sorry, “big gal sings” but I’m a first time poster. Myself,and many other posters were thrown off TNFNS post when this whole thing went haywire. I am not a racist, and I thought that was your implication for anyone that was not an Aaron supporter. I never had any problem understanding what he said, He always had excellent food in my opinion, I just liked Lisa’s better. Can we be friends?

  • Nancy Nichols

    Kids, how about a little levity HERE! This is “reality” TV. Thanks for reading. More to come. Lisa video on Monday!! Bookmark us.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks Nancy, how bout those Red Sox?

  • Fatladysings

    Getting in off the off the mean streets of the big city.

    One thing that diversity will teach us is that words have a different effect on each group.

    As I have read posts from other sites, all of this may be in vain. This could be something the network is using as some kind of sick stunt. I don’t know what to think

    Now that we are friends, GAL is not a good word to use. Good Night

  • kit

    Fat Lady Sings,
    People are confused because before the last challenge the judges indicated the slate would be cleaned and that whoever performed the best in the buffet challenge would move on. Obviously, that didn’t happen. It was the judges that kept changing the rules. Obviously, they knew before the last challenge that they wanted him as their star. I’m happy for him. Adam was my first choice, but he was my second. When he’s at ease, as he was in Vegas the roulette wheel, he does a really good job on camera.

  • Darrel

    Lisa’s a good cook, but what’s she gonna do when the pressure is on? Cry, like she’s done a thousand times? I like her, don’t get me wrong, but honestly, who wants to tune in every week to watch her on a show? Maybe an intense iron chef episode. Aaron has the personality that people wanna see every week.

  • Barbara

    I used the NFNS board before they shut it down,than I went to ‘Friends of maurice’good group.nice people. I really enjoy reading and Hearing everyones opinions,so I’m glad I found this site also,Hope the Network dosen’t shut this down too

  • Kristi

    Hey everyone. If you want to see the evidence on youtube, here is the link:

  • Kristi

    Share the link with everyone who doesn’t mind seeing the winner before sunday.

  • Barbara

    Do you think the FN is really sabotaging the coverage of this,I’m surprised I don’t see more on the Web about this,or are we really such a small minority,that really care ,that we were scammed so totally

  • Gastronome

    Hey Barbara, No way this is a setup it’s just incompetence. Can you imagine what would have happened to the boob who posted the conclusion of the series if it had been the Soprano’s? What about who shot J.R.? If the Food Network people were to reveal the end of another series (or movie, like Harry Potter) which ones would most upset you?????

  • Lori

    darrel…you asked so I will answer…I would want to see Lisa EVERY week on a show.

    read her bio she is very talented.

  • Lori

    kristi…thanks for sharing the utube link.

  • Linda

    Hope this is not a hoax. I like Aaron very much. He seems to be a real down to earth guy unlike the other 2. I’m sure the other 2 will go onto other things.

  • Alex

    There has been a lot of activity on the Wikipedia page for season for of NFNS. I think clearly the Food Network is trying to clear up the postings on the Wikipedia entry, however since it’s public domain information they are going to have to accept the posting on the site.

  • Mary Wright

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I for one was really glad to read that Aaron was the winner. I was soooo tired of Lisa’s affectations and it was exhausting to watch someone be that uptight all the time. The truth is that every time she was under pressure, she caved (and cried–really too dreary for words). Adam lost me early on with all the buffoonery–he came across as both an amateur and immature. I think the right person won. Congratulations, Aaron!

  • Jimmy

    I’m a little disappointed about the FN shutting down their blogspot. The damage was already done, you can’t un-ring a bell. Had they left the blog up at least we could vent our frustrations, and maybe the FN staff could get something from the comments that would prevent this from happening again.

    The last season of Top Chef was my first reality show experience, and I enjoyed every minute of it, and never missed an episode. This is my first taste of TNFNS, and although it started out good, it has left a sour taste in my mouth.

    I’ll watch tomorrow night, but the whole thing looks to me like it was rigged from the start, and no one other than their selected winner ever had a chance.

  • Ira

    I am thinking, it absolutely should have been lisa, but Ina Garnerd’s new series on Food Network – beginning in October, 2008 – will also be titled Barefoot Contessa – Back to Basics.

  • Nancy Nichols

    I’m with you on reality TV show experience. Last season’s Top Chef was my first since it starred two chefs from Dallas. I followed this show for the same reason–Lisa Garza is from Dallas. I don’t have an experienced opinion on the FN since I don’t see much of it, and I do now that in multi-media companies signals get crossed and mistakes are made. The Internet is a weird place to do business. That said, if you are running a show with a surprise ending, that secret should be locked away from staff. Top Chef did it correctly by conducting the finals live. If you put the ending of a reality TV show in the can, somebody is going to open it. There are no secrets on the Internet.

  • Miss Spicy

    Oh My! This is definitely not a setup. It looks like a website techie released the wrong weeks data on the Food TV site. It looks like this should have been for next week). I wonder if it was purposely done? In any case, I bet Suzie & Bob will still keep their jobs.

  • Ira

    Who will not be be the next food network star?
    Lisa -Ina Garten new series on Food Network –beginning in October, 2008 – will also be titled Barefoot Contessa – Back to Basics.

    Adam -Aida Mollenkamp will prepare delicious dishes while providing answers to questions submitted by Food Network viewers (by internet) in her new interactive cooking show, Ask Aida.

  • Jimmy

    If Aaron is the winner he will turn out to be a bad choice. He has had absolutely no camera presence since the day this show started. A lot of people here don’t seem to like Lisa, but in the last six weeks she has really grown on me. She has the food chops, when she can control the nervousness she has a good camera presence, and I think she could have brought something different to the network. Adam was doomed from the beginning and I think the only reason he remained was because the judges liked his personality; he certainly had no food knwoledge. What does Aaron bring to the network that several other food network shows don’t already bring? Nothing new here. Bad choice on the part of the judges, if true.

  • Lori R

    OK Amy Finley, Winner of Season 3, was offered more episodes and turned it down because she hadn’t developed the thick skin required from critics on the blogs and her family requirements for travel, etc. Good for her she didn’t have it; she was nice but a FNS? No. Guy in the second season is doing well; but he’s now doing TGIF commercials (another Dallas connection.) The first season winners are staying in Chicago because they adopted a baby. Now that I know Aaron won, I can go on w/my life and not watch it.

  • Miss Spicy

    None of these finalists are worthy of winning. Adam is an actor who can smoke/barbeque meat. Lisa, although knowledgable about food, is unrelatable to most viewers. And Aaron admited in one of the challenges that he has problems with the cameras. Why the hell was he here? If FN had any integrity they would have said, “Pass on 2008.”

  • Omg, I cannot wait until like 15 min. Ah ! I absolutely love Adam. Fingers crossed for Adam !

  • Brandy

    Fat Lady- your comment disgusted me! Hoods? Please. Our nation is full of obese people because they don’t know how to cook healthy food. I know I’m currenly coaching my mom because she was raised that way and loves shows like Paula’s, Big Bite, Emeril, and the Neely’s that all promote fried, calorie laden, more butter is better type cooking. Lisa cooks things that are in my kitchen all the time. What’s in your kitchen fat lady? I must be racist that I want a show that teaches me how to cook gourmet healthy food. Wow. For the record it’s the Queens English…and it’s just as obnoxious listening to Paula and Guy’s terrible slang as Aarons slow talking. And talk about personal attacks… Noone said anthing about all the people attacking Lisa for crying (it’s an intense competition and she has passion). I haven’t heard one person call sexist. Yet you throw race. That just pisses me off. You said something about different things meaning things to different people. Think about your own words and what they mean to people that take high offense to ‘hooded sheets’.

  • Fatladysings

    First of all, you are answering a post from three days ago. I knew it would hit some people hard (guilt does that). My answer to your response is: “say nothing and make me wonder. Open you mouth and remove all doubt.

    I am not going to get into a posting war with you or anyone else. The name “Fat Lady Sings” means the show is over. It does not mean I am fat. I am out and so over this….

  • a

    Honestly, I think all three aren’t that great. Lisa is the worse – she is snobby, cries too much, and needs to be taken down a peg. Adam is so all over the place I can’t stand to watch him do anything. Aaron is the least worst of the three – I can tell he is passionate about food but is maybe not as knowledgeable about it as a network chef should be. How can a chef not know what chipotle peppers are??? It is just a show, and so what if they have ulterior motives in picking Aaron. Some second and third place winners ended up with shows on different networks. If they are truly worthy, their opportunity will come. So please, end this discussion now or at least use a spell check so your inane discussion is at least comprehensible.

  • Kaitie

    OK, this is just stupid! How can they possibly pick that ugly dude to win!? This sucks! I mean, seriously, Lisa has more talent than all of the other contestants put together! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OK, now that I’ve said that, I am going to pull out my hair now!

  • Christine

    darn! I was just looking for a blog to say that I didn’t want Lisa the Smug to win and came across this site. How disappointing of FN to mistakenly post info before the finale.

    If Aaron did win, at least I can be happy it wasn’t Lisa….

  • Brandy

    Who cares how old the post is!? I just found it today. Funny you’ve never addressed what you meant by that, just alluded to what others ‘must’ be thinking.

  • Brandy

    yeah! Big Daddy’s Kitchen! Can’t wait! What a great addition!

  • Mike

    Well, its over Johnny. No more FN for me…save for Alton.

  • All Right!!! Big Daddy won! His promo was truly outstanding and showed a lot of heart.

    Unbelievable, loved it just loved it.

  • Richard

    The Food Network does it again, picked a lousy winner from the Food Network Star. Aaron? You gotta be kidding. How can they pick him over Adam? Adam had personality, Adam had concept, he is funny, he knows how to work the camera. Aaron? zzzzzzzzz

    This Food Network Star show is what needs to be cancelled.

  • larry s

    Well, I just watched the disastrous finale. It was clear that Big Daddy was going to win, because he had no right to be in there and vastly underperformed the other two. It wasn’t even clawful and uappetizing. Adam’s show was watchable and interesting, Lisa’s polished and informative. Big Daddy’s looked like a cable access show.

    I wish him well, however. It’s not his fault that the network favored him in this obviously rigged charade. Any of the other contestants would take the gig.

    The over under on this dog of a show failing is 4 episodes.

  • Jimmy

    Lisa, YOU WERE FABULOUS! I really wanted you to win, in my opinion you were the best candidate for the job. Thanks for your effort, maybe another network will pick you up. But then again,you must be fairly busy with your cooking school, and restaurant.

    If you ever do decide to make TV cooking a career, you would have a huge audience, and I for one would never miss a show. GO LISA!!!

  • Lori

    Lisa you rocked it! exactly the show I want to watch. one of my “dreams” includes going to the hamptons and attend cooking school taught by ina…i am adding you to the mix.

  • Brandy

    Lisa did rock! Wish it were her! She sure deserved it! She came in with three pitches… Gorgon gave Aaron his. Oh well. Disappointing, but Lisa did great and can hold her head high!

  • eve

    I did like Lisa and Adam, but the Big Daddy promo was the best. He was fun and his food was the most appealing. He did a great job. Adam is so natural on camera that I hope something great comes of this for him.

    Remember that the shows are edited for a story line. We were not supposed to think Aaron could win.

    Lisa, if you happen to read this blog, you are very talented. Best wishes for more wonderful adventures. I’m sure you will have many. How about a vblog?

  • John

    I thought it was amazing that they had a trailer for “Ask Aida” during the finale (in fact almost directly after Adam’s pilot) which pulled out Adam’s legs even before an announcement was made.
    The comments by Susie in the finale made it seem really obvious (at least to me) that they wanted Aaron to win and if they had to cut one last week in Vegas, it would have been him. So they gave Aaron one last chance to deliver so they could crown him.

  • Barbara

    LIsa’s was the best demo,and they at Fn know it,I can’t figure it.I liked Aaron,and before the finale,I thought I would watch His show,but after seeing his demo,I’m not so sure now

  • Nancy Nichols


  • SUE

    this is the new face of this country. If you have any opinion or say anything against an African- American….and when are they going to drop that, we are all Americans, you are automatically labled a racist….This is getting ridiculous. When is it going to go back to the “best man wins”….affirmative action has not place on a reality show..

  • vida

    If Aaron is the winner, then I say his prospective t.v. show will fail. He definitely lacks the charm and presence of Lisa or Adam. I agree with others…..he can’t talk.

  • Fatladysings

    Yes, Yes Aaron.

    You will be successful because the GOD that you serve will make sure you do. You spoke well and looked good.

    Walk into your season.

  • nikki

    I think it is really sad that you all think it was rigged for Aaron to win it. He had the most consistent performance all throughout the show. He was usually able to correct all of the flaws he had. Lisa did not. She was still as cold at the end as she was in the beginning. Plus she had no personality. That you cannot change. Congrats, Aaron! I’m looking forward to your show.

  • LisaSucks

    Did any of you blind idiots watch the damn shows? Aaron was consistent and won almost every challenge. Lisa is unappealing to the mass audience and morons like you people are more than likely the reason they stopped the fan voting. Aaron>Adam>>>>>>>>>Lisa.

  • Jimmy

    TNFNS broke their own rules when they kept Aaron on last week after his very disturbing performance. Did you see that show?

  • CokeTheVan

    Ummmm I’m not even sure WHAT to say but then again my name says it all….

  • LisaSucks

    The same show where Lisa served burned food to Guy? The one where Aaron did the best on the 1st challenge? I saw that show too!

  • Jimmy

    Even Lisa’s overdone pork chops looked better than Aarons food, he said so himself.

  • Fatladysings


    Since last week was the 8th show, no way should Aaron have been sent home for one performance. The judges never said he was bad, they said it was not what they expected from him (based on his other performances).

    On the very first show, Lisa was in the bottom two and should have gone home. The participants thought (wished)she had gone.

  • Jimmy

    Shane, and Kelsey didn’t get a second chance.

  • Yenmor

    I did not not see the website flub…so when I watched the show…you could have picked my jaw off the floor……I was hoping Lisa would win…thought they might pick Adam because he is so as ease with the camera…but Aaron….Big Daddy……I am speechless….I would have watched Lisa’s show…Aaron is not a show that I would watch.

  • kit

    If you watch Susie Fogelson’s Finale video, you’ll learn that they believed Aaron would allow them to target a new demographic. She explicity said so. The other things she said made no sense. She said Bob T. wanted Adam; she wanted Aaron; and Bobby wanted Lisa. That says nothing. Then, she also raved about Lisa. So, if the decision were based on these people’s performance on the show, then Lisa would have won their vote. I’m a big Adam fan and still believe he is the only one the three that has potential for success, but based on her comments Lisa should have won.

    Also, check out Adam’s exit interview. He knew that his victory in Vegas prevented him from being eliminated. He specifically said the Wynn victory made it all but impossible for them to send him home that day, which led to all three of them landing in the finale. So, it was evident even to them that this was the plan. Do you really think Gordon Elliott’s “Big Daddy Kitchen” idea came out of the blue?

  • Mark

    Also on Bob’s blog, Bobby Flay was very unhappy about Adam’s Vegas win. Adam’s never gonna get Flay’s vote, although I thought Adam’s pilot was the best.

  • what a joke, i would have watched lisa’s show but im not watching some soul food cooking show, what a disappointing ending…

  • RJP

    Aaron seems nice enough. If the competition were really about TV persona and cooking skills, not sure he should have made the final three (or 6). If it was about demographics and finding a new FN food niche, it was a good call.

    My only problem with Aaron is that I only understand about every sixth word he utters. I don’t understand much of what teenage girls say either– nor folks from rural Maine, or the Louisiana bayou’s. Then again, don’t hear them on national TV, either– as Aaron will be.

    He needs a speech coach to help him enunciate, because right now, he sounds like someone with a broken jaw, a tongue full of novacaine and a sock in his mouth.

  • Fatladysings

    Maybe that is why I can understand every word he says. I am from the great state of Louisiana. I guess that is the demographics that everyone keeps talking about.

  • Lori

    aaron sounded like has marbles in his mouth and barely finished a thought or sentence. apparently not a problem for fn folks, so, so be it.

    (since this was not live…do you think fn used laugh tracks? and editing…?) I thought it was funny that they flashed “who do you think the next fnstar should be in the finale…)

  • Bowseat93

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Aaron. Of the three finalists, I liked his food and his story the best.

    But I was frankly annoyed with TNFS from the beginning. You would have thought that by season four, the competition would have gotten much, much stronger (ref: Design Star or Project Runway).

    Instead, Food Network served us up some really inexperienced and/or one note contestants. I mean, I liked Kelsey lots, and she did great, but if you want expertise, why the heck did they cast someone just out of culinary school?

    Re Amy Finley, I voted for her last season. I tuned in for the first couple of episodes, and though she had potential, but she baled after being blasted on the blogs.

    At this point, Guy Fieri (who I love) is the only bright spot from four seasons of TNFS. I hope that Aaron joins him, but I wouldn’t put lots of money on it.

  • lulu

    Wow Fatladysings it seems that there is a bit of a chip on your shoulder. I am all for diversifying our media in gender, race and other forms of identity, which would be truer to the society in which we live. However, for people to be upset that someone won a ‘reality’ show in which he was blatantly not at the level of his competitors has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Perhaps what you should be thinking is that if this is all about race and fulfilling a particular demographic, than shouldn’t the network and we as an audience demand that they find people to represent that demographic who are worthy of that representation??? In other words there are hundreds of excellent AND camera ready black chefs out there and Aaron was the best they could do?

  • Fatladysings

    Aaron won!!!

    The only demographics I wrote about was “Louisiana”.

    What I think most people like about Aaron (he was one of the fans favorite)is; he is real and not camera ready.

    It is his season and he will walk into it with no problems.

    Since most of you will tune in hoping to see him fail, his ratings will be so high the first two weeks, his show will be renewed.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Lori

    FLS–you do seem to have forgetten you did mention “sheets” etc since you keep denying it. so here it is:

    “Will look-a-here. It seems that something has raised it ugly head and some of you are letting some hidden feelings come out from under the hooded sheets.”

    Feel free to apologize for going there…sometime things are said in the heat of the moment. Otherwise you said so own it.

  • Fatladysings

    “Hooded Sheets” means set yourself free of any hidden issues/feeling you may have. Take it as you want to.

    You can say what you want on this board and nobody really know who you are. But with some of the backward attitudes some of you have on this board, if you said some of this stuff face-to-face to someone who is different from you in any way; you would get knocked the “smooth out”. So see, I am protecting you.

    Looking at some of the posts after my post, it is helping: Aaron has been called ugly, can not put a sentence together; just to mention a few.

    I will apologize when Lisa Garza wears a K-Mart shirt.

    By the way did you see the promos for Chef Jeff. OMG..”They gonna make you lose your mind..up in here”.

  • Lori

    K-mart t-shirt…what is the point. it is probably made by explioted workers in a third world country. let’s try to get people to by “america” instead.

  • Lori

    what do you care where she buys her clothes anyway…


    WOW, WAY TO GO FOOD NETWORK! YOUVE DONE IT AGAIN…PICKED THE WRONG GUY FOR ‘NEXT IRON CHEF’ (SIMON) AND PICKED THE WRONG ‘NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR’! his demo was lousy…bad choice of words, reminded me of the ‘Nellys’ and they are really improper if you know what I mean! How could they not see the talent in Lisa or Adam! Atleast they had class!

  • Well said Lori. I posted on the new blog but just caught up on this childishness. FLS has pissed a lot of people off by the looks of things – good job FLS – reduce it down to prejudice, season with allusions to guilt and garnish with denial of what you said previously. You need to own it . No one will be tuning in to Aarons show “hoping to see him fall” He is a cool guy – just not much of a presence or a chef.

  • William

    I was really enjoying reading the comments until ‘Fatladysings’ started posting and bitching about everything from race to the use of the word ‘gal.’ Talk about over-sensitive.

    I’m sure Aaron’s show will be packed with lots of “Things Mom will have to ask the kids about!” Hur hur hur. I won’t be watching this one.

    The fact that Guy Fieri won one of these things really proves that there was no hope for Lisa or Adam. I was really pulling for Lisa, because I don’t want to learn how to make 5 different versions of “bacon wrapped steak fries with chipotle sauce.”

    It seems Food Network only wants to cater to people who find it a huge ordeal to go to the grocery store and pick up something besides milk and bread for a change. There are plenty of shows on the network that address this already.

  • Brandy

    oh look FatLady is putting other peoples thoughts as facts AGAIN!!! “The participants thought (wished)she had gone.”


  • Brandy

    “Looking at some of the posts after my post, it is helping: Aaron has been called ugly, can not put a sentence together; just to mention a few.
    I will apologize when Lisa Garza wears a K-Mart shirt.”

    REALLY? No one has said anything negative about Lisa? So if she wears a cheap shirt… you’ll say sorry about bringing race to the subject?”

    This clearly shows your level. And I think I’m done being pissed off because you just proved your case. You are just plain ignorant.

    Bye. oh yeah, Free your Mind, gal, Free your Mind!

  • Lori

    brandy…once again you got it right!!!

  • Brandy – you rock! Well put.

  • Fatladysings

    How many different names do some of you post with? Some of you post and then answer your own post with a different name (creativity is missing and you write with the same flow/wording/strategy).

    We are reading your post here at the “Food Stamp” office. HE HE He……

    Did I mention that Aaron won…and Chef Jeff is coming…


    the only reason aaron was picked was bc of DEMOGRAPHIC REASONS! and FN’s marketing expert SUZIE will basically tell you thats the reason, of course using different words in her ‘personal video’ posted on FN’s website! take a look if your not a believer of that being the reason why they picked aaron!!!

  • Brandy

    Nope we’re all different people who happen to agree. Oh, and we make sense when we post.


    some people say he will “appeal to viewers’…what viewers? surely not ones that wanna sit down with their kids to here him say ‘gosh darn’ (the full version of those choice words is frowned highly upon by our society) and his use slang terms is terrible! reminds me of another ‘Nelly’…’Down Home w/ The Nelly’s’ what a terrible show! they practically make love in their kitchen on national TV…nothing I think the FN should be proud of and nothing i would ever consider quality family time!

  • Donnie


    Racisms come in many forms. It appears that your preachy statements are a sure sign that you are a racist and or bigot.

    “Hooded Sheets, means set yourself free of any hidden issues/feeling you may have. Take it as you want to.”

    Maybe you should set yourself free of your racist thought and prejudgments before you lecture people.


    HE MADE FUN OF PEOPLE WITH EATING DISORDERS! who does that and thinks in any way its right?!?! obviously he missed some key elements growing up! like someone to tell him what is right vs wrong!

    glad to see people feel the same why i do! it was a poor decision and not fair to the other contestants just to pick him because of his color!!! if you put too much of that crap on the food network it will be ruined forever!!! no one wants to watch someone that speaks like aaron does! like i said he has NO CLASS!!!

  • Zarkoff

    The fix was in from the get go.

    Being able to talk has to be a greater requirement for a TV personality than being able to cook. Poor Aaron is unable to string ten coherent words together. I just hope Adam and Lisa were let in on the deception, and weren’t losing sleep thinking they had a chance. Maybe they can script this show and have someone who doesn’t mumble do a voice over.


    or there will be a lot of takes until they are able to air on of his episodes!!! just remember dont add to the shows ratings by watching it!

  • Lori

    fls–you are blogging on our tax dollars time? geez. (if you really work for “food stamps”)

    have u ever heard the saying, “I think thou dost protest too much.” I believe it may apply to YOU!!!

    Your use of the hood metaphor must be a cultural or regional colloquialism. I have never heard it before. very interesting. but now I have learned something new. may i ask where you are from or live?

    But if we cannot have a conversation without someone playing the race card than this is very sad. the critisms written about lisa (fn blog) were a million times tougher than anything written about aaron (could that actualy be a reverse racism???) However, basically on this blog people have mostly just stated their opinon, which we are all entitled too, btw.

    Because I preferred Lisa doesn’t mean i don’t wish aaron well. Because I may bring something up for dicusion that may not be aaron’s strong point and wonder how it will be handled doesn’t mean i am judging him. it is called a conversation. no matter what we do in life we all need to learn and grow and we do that by “speaking and listening” to each other.” NOT by throwing names.

    and don’t presume to know me…would it be enough for you that I go into the inner-city every day to help those less fortune or that I have spent my career working for non-profits to help make this a better world for all of us.

    So please just enjoy the exchange of thoughts and ideas and lets have fun.

  • RayRay74

    I watched the marathon before the finale except maybe one episode and I’m happy that Aaron won. I know people are very upset that Lisa didn’t win. Yes, she does have a wide range of culinary knowledge but people have to remember that this is stil televison. Is she a good chef? Sure she is. But the question was could she connect with the home cook well enough to get them into the kitchen to try her dishes. I would say no. She proved this when she worked with the girl scout and practically talked the little girl into going along with steak and couscous and the horseradish sauce. Lisa also mentioned that her own son has sophisticated tastes. Well ofcourse he does because his parents are both chefs. As a pretty good home cook myself, I would like to try new dishes and ingredients too but without feeling intimidated and feeling like I have search high and low for ingredients that I may use once or twice. Lisa’s promo was good but I was left wondering what would I do with the rest of that sauce that she made? Would I be able to use it for anything else? Lisa would do good on a show on maybe Fine Living network.

    Adam was just scraping by week after week. The only reason he made it that far was because there was always somebody worse than him. I couldn’t see myself making that beer can chicken. His culinary knowledge was very limited considering all he knew how to do was mac n cheese and smoking meats.

    Aaron wasn’t always crisp on camera but once he relaxed and he let his personality shine though he is fine. If you go back to a lot of foodnetwork’s tv chefs 1st shows, nobody was perfect. All in all, I wish Aaron the best and I will be watching Big Daddy’s House.

  • Chris

    I’m over the Food Network. Their focus is less and less on cooking talent and expertise and more on demographics and marketing. That is fine. It is a business. But that doesn’t mean I’ll continue to watch and absorb their advertisements. I started watching FN (over 10 years ago!) to get new ideas. Other than Sarah Moulton (her show was canceled) and Ina Garden there is a dearth of cooking talent. And what talent they have left they squander with crap shows targeted to people who have no interest in actually cooking (i.e. Bobby and Alton).

  • Bowseat93

    I kinda like Aaron, so don’t share most of WRONG DECISION’s two cents on him. But I must say I agree 100% re Next Iron Chef. Any show with John Besh would go right on my TiVo’s Season Pass list!

  • turneed

    I’m a black man and even I sometimes found Aaron hard to listen to. He does need a speech coach in order to be successful on the food network. I personally found Adam the most interesting. I didn’t like Lisa, no one can deny that she is talented, but she seemed snobbish and elitist to me. As said before here, I think Lisa would be perfect on the Fine Living Network. Adam would be excellent doing a show similar to Diners, drive ins and dives. I hope wish all of them much continued success. I don’t think anyone should attack each other for voicing their opinions. We as people(no matter what race) are so stubborn that I don’t think anyone can make someone change his/her opinion. It would be much easier if we could agree to disagree and move on. As a show, the Next food Network star is pretty poor overall, It seems like they could do better.

  • SUE


  • Cheezemaster

    I thought the show started well and ended disastrous. Lisa was well deserving of being a finalist and perhaps even winning. I think Kelsey should have made it to the finals as well, I agreed that she might have mentioned culinary school a bit too much but she was warm and charming. I also enjoyed Shane and think that he should have been a good finalist. Aaron should have been eliminated since the beginning. I found his character to be like Nipa’s only less snobbish. Aaron perhaps presented well after some coaching and direction but for the most part had no idea what he was doing and would struggle if he was thrown in an Iron Chef competition for example. This show seemed a bit unfair considering that Aaron was almost untouchable and always under Bobby Flay’s wing. Best of luck to all the contestants and the winner of course. I will say that FN has gone down in my book. A lot of bad shows with the exception of a few good ones here and there. I mean who really cares about a married couple who can cook and tour the country looking for other eats? Certainly can’t stand Paula Dean. That’s just my opinion. My respects to all those who do like these shows!!

  • Jimmy



  • joelq

    I can’t believe all the comments of “[FN] just lost a viewer”, or “…I won’t be watching it after this Sunday”, etc. C’mon guys – it’s just TV. Get a life.

  • RayRay74

    There was something I forgot to add. It pains me to see that people think that Aaron was an “affirmative action” win. I also have no idea why people just assume he’s going to just be cooking soul food?? That’s just like when people talk about the Neely’s. If you think the Neely’s cook just soul food, then you clearly don’t watch the show. Aaron’s promo wasn’t soul food either. If you think that it was soul food, then you clearly don’t know what soul food is either. I for one am glad that he won. It’s obvious that shows like The Neely’s, Pauls Deen, and other shows are working or they wouldn’t still be on. These shows work because they use simple everyday ingredients that regular working 9 to 5 people with familes can find and meals that the whole family would enjoy. This is 2008 and people don’t have time during the week to spend untold hours in the kitchen making over the top meals unless you’re a homemaker. This is just my opinion, if people can’t stand foodnetwork, then turn the channel.


    Oh RAYRAY…you havent got a clue! Like ‘Chris’ said the FN has gone straight to demographics and marketing and they have lost focus on top talent! Aaron, poor thing, he couldnt speak right, he broke a sweat everytime he was on camera…and once again he made fun of people w/ eating disorders. Something is wrong with him…I actually felt kinda bad for him, how could anyone think that was going to be funny??? he probably offended atleast a few people in the room!

  • Fatladysings

    It has been a while but I am like an old penny…I keep showing up.

    I noticed now there is something else to pick at regarding Aaron and the comment about eating disorder. We all have said something that can be considered inappropriate.

    Lisa made the comment …..Treating the Mac & Cheese dish like a stepchild. Do you know how many children have been abused by Step-parents? Those of us reared by step- parents/adopted parents have experience some things and that comment was inappropriate.

    Give it a rest…AARON WON …it not going to change…Even though the show was aired Sunday, the competition has been over for a while and I am sure Lisa has moved on….I know Aaron has.

    This is my last point: With all the second guessing of the FN’s winner; I am sure they will work very hard to prove everyone wrong. GO AARON…

  • bob jones

    fuk that niggaaa!!!!

  • Aaron’s new show now has a trailer on Food Network. We are looking forward to his show!

  • And of course the voice over is the McNeeley lady. Draw your own conclusions…..

  • trish

    I won’t dignify the bob jones comment, and would hope it is quickly stricken from this record; however, I will say that the comments from the Louisiana lady in defense of Aaron went too far in evoking the hooded sheets of a difficult time in our nation’s history. Right now, as we have a first-time, African American candidation trying to bring us all together, it is comments like these that make many folks not want to join together in trying to bring salvation to this country. Many of us are striving to move beyond the race relations of the past, but there are many on both sides of the issue who continually refuse to look at both Black and White Americans as just that — Americans. On every FN blog I have seen, there has been an attempt by someone to not appreciate the fact that all of the contestants were cruelly criticized from the get-go, and Aaron is no exception. I, for one, are tired of BOTH sets of folks — those who criticize Aaron’s detractors for being racist, and those who overly criticize him. Let’s remember that these contestants are all human beings, worth at least a bit of dignity, but everyone should be allowed to voice their opinion without a nagging undercurrent of suspicion of racism. Let’s leave racist undertones out of it, for the good of us all.

  • trish

    correction, please —

    I, for one, am tired of BOTH sets of folks — those who criticize Aaron’s detractors for being racist, and those who overly criticize him. Let’s remember that these contestants are all human beings, worth at least a bit of dignity, but everyone should be allowed to voice their opinion without a nagging undercurrent of suspicion of racism. Let’s leave racist undertones out of it, for the good of us all.

  • mamoobarbie

    If the nfns episodes were filmed, then more than likely,someone clicked the wrong key and sent an episode, out of sequence. Some poor worker will get the boot for that mistake, because someone has to be at fault. Low man on the totem pole gets the boot.
    Why is everyone taking sides and so out of sorts with Aaron,Lisa or Adam, and why the F word. I hope the internet security for this webside will bring that one in for questioning and he will be severly punished for his foul language and lack of self control.

  • alissa

    My family has watched this whole series – it was so clear that it was intentionally steered toward a particular winner – nothing against aaron – I just never heard the guy put together a full sentence that made sense to me – buena fortuna to him and HOPE lisa has much more great successes ahead of her – i never saw the repellent up tightness everyone talks of – she was delightful to me and i learned a lot from her – she was tops and i hope she soars higher than any food network tool ——– for christ sake – GUY does flipping apple bees commercials! puke

  • CokeTheVan

    I have to wonder just how many of the demographic who will be able to understand what he is saying even has cable out there in the bayou

  • Lori

    alissa–i know–when I saw Guy do the applebees commercials I thougth, I can’t believe the FN would “let” him do that. total disconnect.

  • Adam

    I share your opinion alissa, Lisa didn’t seem unapproachable or bother me at all either. I also noticed alot of criticisms towards her are purely superficial. Anyways, she should have won imo, Adam I could see winning too. Big Daddy on the other hand needs to go home and find his son.. or at least take some speaking lessons. And the way FN rigged this so called competition just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. What an insult to our intelligence. I’m sure everything will work out for the best though. Lisa and Adam will definitely move on and make something of themselves. Big Daddy will have his 15 minutes or (probably) less. And this whole experience will help me to expand my programming to other stations besides FN

  • Jennie

    “Who will not be be the next food network star?

    Lisa -Ina Garten new series on Food Network –beginning in October, 2008 – will also be titled Barefoot Contessa – Back to Basics.

    Adam -Aida Mollenkamp will prepare delicious dishes while providing answers to questions submitted by Food Network viewers (by internet) in her new interactive cooking show, Ask Aida.”

    Ina’s been on TV for at least 6 years. One of her specialties is French food made simple. Isn’t that what Lisa was trying to sell? If you’re going to pitch a show to a network, it’s probably wise to pick someting they don’t already have. (Not that it matters on the FN; they recycle the same ideas over and over)…

    I’ve actually seen Aida on TV in a show similar to this as far back as May, I think. Maybe it was a limited run to see if there was enough interest for it to be picked up for a full season? It’s hard to say which came first unless someone knows when the NFNS shows were taped. Aida is the editor of the food website — If I remember the episode where Adam pitched his show correctly, it seemed to me that Gordon Elliot fed the show style to Adam, not that Adam came up with it on his own.

    Is it true that Bobbie Flay is part owner of the FN? If so, no wonder Adam, the grillmeister didn’t get anywhere. Bobbie Flay doesn’t seem like the sort of person who likes any real competition….

  • Fatladysings


    Being the caring person you are..Aaron’s son is back and was at the viewing party with his family.

    Just make sure you know where your child/children are and what they are doing before celebrating the pain of another parent.

  • Fatladysings

    PS. Some of you… your nighmare has come true….Aaron will appear on the neelys show tomorrow morning and will be repeated Sunday.

    We down here in the Bayou will be jumping.
    “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez”

  • Lori

    fls…plz stop thinking the world is against aaron. i’m glad you’re happy but stop with the implications and digs. just be happy and not so angry.

  • fatladysings


    I am not angry. I am addressing other blogers like you and everyone else.

    Just because you don’t like what I said doest not mean I an unhappy and angry,

    I have lived on this earth more than 55 years. It is going to take more than a reality show to angry me.

  • aaronsisnotgood

    Aaaron seems like a nice guy, but it is rather obvious that he probably should have been eliminated in the first round. If the Food Network was looking to target a certain demographic, the other black contestant was much more camera ready. Furthermore, why diversify through another black chef? Why not a Chinese chef, an Indian chef, a Thai chef, a Turkish chef, a German chef, etc., etc., etc.? Even so, if the Food Network did want to target the black demographic, a reality show is not the way to make it happen as it is unfair to the other contestants. Clearly, this contest was rigged.

    Fat Lady Sings, as a black male, your condascending, racist tone is highly offensive. Neither Aaron nor the black commnunity needs your ill-advised, insulting protection.

  • fatladysings


    Please, you don’t know me. First you are not black so stop pertending. You never watched the show did you? You are just somebody wanting to get in on this board and hide behind a keyboard.

    Aaron won the first challenges, He and his group won the next challenge, and it was the third challenge that Martha Stewart said his product was the most marketable. He went on to wen two or three more challenges.

    Do’nt tell me what the black community needs. I have been a productive part of my community for years. I am the product of a HBU so I was taught to speak my mind.

    “your ill-advised, insulting protection.” What?????

  • aaronsisnotgood


    Unfortunately, your productivity does not extend to proper grammar usage. When “speaking your mind,” please learn to spell and correctly use apostrophes. Otherwise, you will simply continue to wallow in your own stupidity. It is people like you who hinder the progress of Booker T. Washington, Dr. King, and Barack Obama. You are an embarrasment not only yourself but to the black community as a whole. HBU should be ashamed to have granted you a degree.

    Furtermore, I am not ‘pertending.’ I am half black, half Native American.

    Back on topic, my favorite of the three was Lisa.

  • fatladysings

    aaronsisnotgood ,

    Did you go to early service? I did so I am just going to say: have a great day.

    Pertend to be the half Native American side. You missed the mark on the black side.

  • Miss Spicy

    I just saw Down Home with the Neely’s. Aaron was cooking with them ya’ll! I can’t believe FTN did that. Oh ya, lump all the blacks in together complete with fist bumps. I guess they wanted to show a little foreplay before Aaron’s show. Can you say menage a trois?

  • My girlfriend mentioned today was Aaron’s debut so I wandered over to TFN while I was doing a half-dozen other things and noticed Aaron was on with the Neelys. I think I managed about 20 seconds of the Aaron/Neelys combo (I switched channels when I heard Ms. Neely saying how nice a guy Aaron is) and then switched back just as Aaron’s show was starting, at exactly 1:30 and about eight seconds.

    I was finished watching Aaron at exactly 1:30 and about forty-one seconds.

    I think the Food Network should have a show where Guy Fieri, the Neelys, Sunny and Aaron all cook at once. Aaron can keep yelling “Whooooo!” in the background while Guy, in the foreground, looks at the camera and says “That’s money, bro!” Sunny can chortle simultaneously and ask “How’d that get on MY plate?” And the Neelys can grope each other’s potatoes on-camera.

    That’s entertainment, yo.


    PS Props to Lightbulb for an observation from July 25th: “Sweet. More Coke the Van.”


  • JonD

    I too am highly dissappointed by what appears as blatent tampering with the program. Several weeks ago my wife and I noticed how Aaron was getting extra attention and coaching and how the blog from the judge seemed more than a little skewed. It was then that we called the winner based on the bias up until that point and sure enough when they changed the rules on the next to the last episode it was clear to me why. Does anyone else think the new show “Ask Aida” is anything like “Ask Adam” – aka Hungry in Philidelphia?

  • JonD

    Oh and let me point out that when the final episode aired and the contestants were figuring out their shows Aaron was the least prepared and was “fed” his show title etc.

  • fatladysings

    Well I know most of you will be happy to here this. I somewhat have had a change of mind since the show aired. I thought Aaron could of done a better job, and actually I was rather disappointed with his appearence on the ‘Nelly’s’.

  • fatladysings

    I just happen to come back to the board to see what was going on. I guest some of you will go to any levels to make yourself feel good. The above fatladysings post is not the feel fat lady. I have not posted since the end of July.

    I am very happy with Aaron’s appearance not only on the Neelys but on CBS and his own show. Check this out.

    Aaron McCargo Jr’s Blog: Big Daddy’s House Scores Big Daddy Ratings.

    Please post using your own name(s). Now I will retire this name so anything posted under this name is from a pretender.

  • Andre

    I’m glad Aaron McCargo won the Food Network challenge to become its next star. I believe The Food Network was looking to expand its audience by attracting its usual viewers, but also the all-important minority audience. Aaron fit the bill perfectly. He was talented and his personality shined.

    In my opinion, the network didn’t really need Adam or Lisa, both offered the same things the network already had.

    Adam is quirky and funny, but so is Guy Fieri and Ted Allen. And Lisa’s Beautiful Basics was just another variation of other shows with female hosts already on the network.

    The network needed Aaron, a black male to kind of contrast with G. Garvin, who is on TVOne and the top black, male celebrity chef in the business.

  • I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.