Next Food Network Star Issues Official Statement

I’m sure the person behind the “technical difficulties” will be saying ‘would you like pickles on that Quarter Pounder’ by tonight. Here is an official statement from Lisa Krueger, Manager of Public Relations for Next Food Network Star:


 “ experienced technical difficulties last night. As our viewers have seen on The Next Food Network Star this season, many twists and turns have taken place during the show. We encourage all to tune in on Sunday at 10pm to see who will be the Next Food Network Star.”

 OK, then. Let’s coke up that van for Aaron. Unless the editors are re-working a new ending. Oh, could that be? Can they do that? I bet they could. In fact, this could be a perverted way to get viewers on Sunday. Smart or dumb? You decide.



  • Moose Knuckle Suckle

    Don’t let them suck you in. It obviously wasn’t planned but now they have to do everything possible to save face. Wonder what the advertisers are thinking on this one?

  • JB

    They SHOULD retitle it: “The McDonald’s Network Theater.”

  • lightbulb

    The Red Robin people have to be pretty angry.

  • allison

    I’m not interested in Aaron’s show so while they may get me back for the final episode, they lose me in the future.

  • Anne

    Wonder what Aaron is thinking. Wasn’t this decided a few weeks ago anyway? If they have already told him he’s the winner, he has a good legal case against them.

  • What

    what a lame excuse. typical of a big coruption.

  • Gastronome

    Common, McDonald’s isn’t nearly as incompetent as this fiasco.

  • Technical difficulties? Seriously, do they think that covers it? I feel so insulted. If this is a stunt, they are taking a huge chance here with fed up foodies not tuning in. Nancy, you got this on so quickly…then followed Food Network Addict and who knows how many other blogs. The cat’s way more than out of that bag. There is no turning back! And why didn’t Susie Fogelson get on her vlog and try to explain this? I don’t give a rats ass about the pr chick. To hell with it…I’m gonna go eat something fattening!

  • Logan

    I vote NN should get a raise…she’s very on top of things.

  • UGH


    I just went online and The Food Network Star finale recap videos were up again with Aaron as the winner. They are back down now, but on my honor, they were up again for a brief moment. Either heads are rolling at the Food Network or they are just really screwing with us by allowing us to think “Coke the Van” won . UGH… I hope it’s a bad joke …you’d think the eating disorder comment would have put a nail in that coffin.


    I thought the viewing audience voted for the winner of this competition? Isnt that the way it has been in the past? If not, then who actually picks the winner????

  • UGH

    The judges have always picked.

  • Nancy Nichols

    From what I am hearing Aaron’s show is already in the can and is set to debut on Aug. 3. I really don’t know what to say at this point. I still can’t decide if it’s the smartest PR move ever or the dumbest debacle of all time.


    are you sure… because I thought I remembered trying to go online last year and cast my vote for the winner and had trouble at the website. I thought it was the final 2 did a cook-off of some sort and then the viewing audience was allowed to vote but voting ended at a specific time, etc. The final show as basically recaps, funny stuff, reunion etc. Does anyone else remember it to be that way???

  • Logan

    Yeah, they let the people vote last year, but i think it was because of the whole Jag debaucle.

  • Anne

    This cannot possibly be a smart PR move. PR stands for “public” relations, and from the looks from these comments, the public ain’t feeling the relations.

  • allison

    @ UGH

    Not true. Amy from season 3 was picked by the public. Judges picked up until last two. Amy won accidentally in a way. She was kicked off by the judges and brought back after a finalist was revealed to have lied about his credentials. He withdrew because he had to and the loser before him was brought back. And then she won. Perhaps the judges should have seen that as they don’t always know what the public wants. Except this year they made it so the approachable gourmet wouldn’t win.

  • Vicki

    I love the food network and they can never make me not want to watch. Bobby Flay and the others do a wonderful job with the challenge each year.

  • mick

    FN does “simple” every which way. What they needed was the style and panache that Lisa brought to the table. Aaron was a distant third. He doesn’t have the culinary chops to know what a chipotle pepper is, he’s afraid of cameras, and his mush-mouth dialog is unintelligible. What a disappointment.

  • Lori

    i know must of missed something so please clue me in…what does “coke the van” refer too? thank you.

  • Lori

    oh read about it elsewhere…got it.

  • Mar

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the premiere issue of the Food Network Magazine (Nov/Dec 2008)?

    I can’t find it anywhere. I called the publisher and it’s no longer available. I’ve searched on ebay and craigslist with no luck.

    I have an extra copy of the second issue that I could trade, if someone was interested in doing that.

    If you know where I can get it please email me at [email protected]


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