• ChrisS

    Please find out what happened!! This was one of our favorite restaurants. Hard to beat the service and food for a neighborhood joint. We’ll miss it for sure.

  • This is a crushing blow to the Dallas dining scene. It literally pains us to take them off our site. Shawn, Michael and the entire Kitchen staff will be sorely missed. And there’s more to this than just the sluggish economy, trust me.

    With Shawn’s personality and wine knowledge, no question he’ll resurface soon. Michael was already moving on to start his own pizza chain – Durkin’s Pizza in McKinney. And to all the restaurateurs reading this, this was collectively the coolest waitstaff in the city with an unquestioned passion for food and wine. You can’t have enough people like that on your staff, so please seek them out and get them on board!

  • Nancy Nichols

    Roger that, Snootyfoodie. (Did I just type that?)

  • CBS

    the first to fall that I actually cared for. Very sad, the best coconut creme pie of all time. Got to think it was location, location, location because food a service were commendable.

  • pizza will be in…

    Frisco, not McKinney.

  • spoon18

    NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! their hungover brunch was the best!

    RIP Kitchen 1924. you will be missed.

  • Say it ain’t so.

  • DGirl

    Very disappointing. Best of luck to everyone at Kitchen 1924.

  • Nate

    Bring it to Knox/Henderson, please! I know the old Century printing company building is available. Convert it into a restaurant, there is decent parking nearby…plenty of foot traffic all the time.

  • Brandon

    This one was a favorite. First Ball’s, now Kitchen 1924.

  • md

    On behalf of myself and Shawn I want to launch an honest “Thank You” to any and all of our customers and employees. Especially the employees. We hired our people based on character and experience, in that order, and we ended up with some remarkable talent. I am happy to report that most of them were free agents for about an hour and you will be able to see them soon at some of the other great dining rooms of the city.

    Shawn may have an “official statement” at some point, but the reality can be shared on SideDish. The bottom line is that we were undercapitalized from the beginning and got a little under the weight of the operations. Despite great results, we were unable to get out of the hole and you know the economy story, blah, blah, blah.

    Shawn is taking some time off, in the short term, and he will be bringing his big restaurant brain back to the city’s scene soon.

    We had a blast and blazed a trail. Someone great, please take our space in that little strip shopping center in the heart of Lakewood; there’s good mojo there.

    as we have often said here,
    “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride”
    -Michael Durkin
    General Manager, Kitchen 1924

    …fyi; Durkin’s Pizza #1 under construction now on HWY 121 & Custer in McKinney open Oct. 1. Durkin’s Pizza #2(Tollway&El Dorado), Durkin’s Pizza #3 (HWY 75 & HWY 380) coming soon. Rock n’ Roll themed, throwback pizzerias…coming soon. That was an hyper-obnoxious plug, sorry.

  • Margaret

    Good luck and you will be missed. I have fond memories of the Kitchen.

  • No! Kitchen 1924 was such a cool place; I was just planning to hit up their hangover brunch. Here’s hoping that they open in a new location.

  • I really liked this restaurant and loved its location in Lakewood. Sad, sad day.

  • Jeff

    This is devastating. Great food, wonderful people and a unique vibe. We enjoyed every minute we spent at Kitchen.

  • Bobby Ewing

    You guys did an awesome job….thanks for every ounce of energy, innovation and humor you injected into the scene. Shawn, you rock and I can’t wait to be a loyal patron of the next venture.

  • Brady

    So disappointing! I also loved Kitchen 1924 and what it brought to the very limited Lakewood dining scene. Thanks for the great meals!

  • Eryk

    I guess I’m going to have to be driving to Frisco then so I can get my 1924-love on. I’m sure Mr. Durkin will be bringing some of the class to the 972 that he brought to Lakewood. I can’t wait to try those pizzas.

  • Lakewoody

    That blows.

  • Kelsey Horne

    Closing a restaurant that you love, leaving behind the people that you loved to serve is very difficult. And, even though the doors are shut, the process of closing down the restaurant is still going on for Shawn. He will speak about this when he can truly give everyone the time they deserve. Thank you all for supporting my husband’s dream.

  • April

    My husband and I LOVE Kitchen 1924 and we think Shawn was a great, very involved owner. We loved how he would talk and greet all his guests! What a great guy. And the food…is wonderful! We were going to go there tonight and found out ya’ll are closed. It is really sad to see Kitchen 1924 go. I really hope the next venture of Shawn Horne re-opens in Lakewood.

  • StephTx

    I am very disappointed to hear this news. Kitchen 1924 was a great place.

    Will be out to Durkin’s when able..

  • franklin

    The food at the restaurant was mediocre at best although the wine list was impressive. The owner and manager like to place the blame on being “undercapitalized” but the plain truth was that the owner(s) had no idea how to handle money. Being a good restaurant manager (as Shawn was in the past) does not make you a good businessman. I know for a fact that the taxes on this restaurant have not been paid in over a year and rather than man up and pay his obligations Shawn decided to close his doors and place blame on someone other than himself.

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