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Restaurant Reviews

Food Feedback From Readers


When we launch our new website in the fall, I think I’ll add a spot where you can write your own reviews. What do you think about that? Currently I get up in the morning and find three or four angry “reviews” from readers. Some I post, others I let go because they’ve obviously been over served. You won’t be surprised to learn that most people only write when things go bad. Here are a couple of condensed “reviews” I’ve received in the past few days.

Toulouse: “On a scale of 1-10, and 10 being the version I had in Italy, the bouillabaisse was a solid 7. My buddy said the soft shell crab was the best he’d ever had.”
Fernando’s: “I went for lunch and the service was rude. I asked for an extra taco, salsa, and extra jalapenos. I got the taco and nothing else except a surly attitude from the waitress. They weren’t even crowded.”
Abacus: “Is it just me? I don’t get the lobster shooters. Waste of money.”
Bolla: “Our brunch took three hours. What is the deal with the service at that restaurant?”

Keep ’em coming.