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$5 Cheese Enchilada Plate at Casa Blanca

By Jennifer Chininis |

I know Nancy has already written a mini-review of the newest Tex-Mex joint to spawn from the Mia’s dynasty. But I went there for the first time last night and was pleasantly surprised to discover a $5 cheese enchilada plate—a Wednesday special. (Take that, El Fenix.) Anyway, I agree with Nancy Know-it-all Nichols, who says the interior needs work. (My dining partner said he felt like we were in a garage.) The cheese enchiladas, stuffed with neon orange melted cheese and chunks of raw onions, were good but not great, and the (also neon orange) rice was better left on the plate. But for 5 bucks, I have no serious complaints. We did, however, scarf up an appetizer of queso filled with beef fajita meat, ceremoniously wrapped in tortillas tableside by our sweet server. Also good were the bacon-wrapped shrimp, a house specialty. Was it the best Tex-Mex in town? No. Would I go back? Probably, because I pass it daily on my commute.