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Review: The Wow Factor is Alive and Well at Nick & Sam’s


Remember my post about the cake? It was served to me at Nick & Sam’s. And to begin at the end, it was, to me, a horrible ending to an otherwise lovely meal. Jump for my love of Nick & Sam’s

Maybe it’s just me, but huge portions of ANYTHING, other than performance bonuses, do not excite me. However, once again, I seem to be in the minority.

The night I dined, there were tables and tables of out-of-towers looking for wow’s. (Gosh, businessmen are easily amused.) Take the long-bone steak, please. (There’s a picture of it on the steaks page of their website.) It’s a perfectly lovely 30-ounce dry-aged rib eye served with black truffle butter on top. The bone protrudes about two feet from the meat. I think it runs $90. One server walked through the room with one in each hand and I couldn’t help flashing to the opening scene of The Flintstones. You know the one where the car hop puts the big bone down on Fred & Wilma’s car and it tips to the side. Well, the table at Nick & Sam’s didn’t budge, but the four dudes all went nutso at the sight. They could have ordered the same steak, sans bone for about $30 less. But then, what would they tell their buddies when they got back to Indianapolis?

Sorry, I digress. My meal at Nick & Sam’s was educational and delicious. The Caesar salad was delivered on a cold plate and the romaine was tossed in a delightfully anchovied dressing. (The lettuce was still crunchy the next morning.) I’ve been on a pork chop binge for the last couple of weeks and I’ve eaten them at maybe five different places. Nick & Sam’s two Berkshire pork chops were above all, the best. Cooked to perfect medium, the exterior was crisp and the interior, with a hint of pink, was juicy. I ate them both. Oink.

My grumpy date lightened up after feasting on an iceberg lettuce salad, a 22-ounce bone-in rib eye with a garlic glaze, a plate of just-crisp brocolinni, the new asparagus, and a half order of crunchy-in-the-good-way sweet potato fries. All we craved after such a meal was a little bite of something chocolate. That’s when the four-pound piece of cake ($15) arrived. We were horrified at the site. But the modern Stone Age dudes from Indianapolis turned around and in unison uttered, “Wow.” What the hell do I know about having a yabba-dabba-doo time?