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Review: Cylone Anaya Take A Hike-Ah


Can you say sour cream? Almost every bite of food–except the beans–had sour cream in it. Including the guacamole. Sorry Todd, I love you almost as much as West Hollywood on Halloween, but maybe I’m not gay enough to get Cyclone Anaya. (For the record: I am a card-carrying fag hag and not anti-gay by any means.) The beef taco was tasteless ground beef in a prefab shell, the soft chicken taco was slathered with sour cream, and the tiny shrimp wrapped in bacon was burned. Our lunch, with tip and a 10-minute wait for an absent valet parking dude, was $52. No ‘ritas. Sorry Houston, your Tex-Mex doesn’t fit my Dallas taste profile or my Tex-Mex culinary point of view. And the interior? It’s handsome, but there is nothing Texy or Mexy about it–you could change the menu overnight and not change a chair and it would fit. Which will probably happen.