Another Food Blog Hits Cyberspace

I like it that people like to talk about food, but I really love it when people like to read about food because it keeps my mortgage payments somewhat current. And I welcome sadists readers who get so into the food scene they start their own blogs. Like Scott Dearmore, a Disher who loves burgers. In between loving burgers, and a serious man crush on Tim Love, Dearmore, has “three incredible kids and an awesome wife.” And now, a burger blog: The Full Grown Burger. So burger on, dudes. Adam, the blogroll please.


  • thanks for the shout out for the new burger blog. i love your stuff and get great insights and love the wit you give us. keep up the great blogging. thanks!

  • Thanks for the tip about the burger blog. Nowadays the sheer diversity among food blogs is amazing, to say the least.

  • я думаю: неподражаемо!! а82ч