What’s Up With Snooty Foodie?

A few weeks ago, a friend alerted me to the website Snooty Foodie, and I’ve totally forgotten to blog about it. It’s a Dallas-based site with recommendations instead of reviews, meaning all the restaurants they list are restaurants they like. Abacus, Aurora, Fearing’s, Jasper’s, Local, they’re all on there. Click on the name, and an extensive explanation of the restaurant itself, a chef profile, hours, locations, a photo gallery (!), and a fork rating system pop up. You can also make a reservation through opentable.com here, and they have a “Snooty News” section where different food events are listed.

Dishers, what do you think of this? And who is behind this site? I’m impressed with the amount of information available. Thoughts please.


  • Billusa99

    They appear to write in style similar to The Law Reviewers, except with much more maturity and wit.

    The site is locally owned by one Alan Russell, who lives near Walnut Hill and Hillcrest (found using WhoIs address-of-record below). On LinkedIn, there is a VP at Principal Financial Group, in Dallas, with the same name.
    See: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/993/60A

    Alan Russell’s email at WhoIs (see below) is an ‘@principal.com’ domain. Thus, they would appear to be the same person. The rest is up to you.

    See the public WhoIs record here:

  • TG

    Nice sleuthing, billusa!

  • They say recommendations are not bought, but they have banner ads for the restaurants they recommend.

    If you go back into the directories ( http://www.snootyfoodie.com/uploaded/ad/ ), you can see banner ads already prepared for other restaurants they will presumably recommend (e.g., Rosewood Mansion, Cuba Libre, Fireside Pies, Mi Piaci, Pappas Bro’s, Shinsei, Scene, Sevy’s, etc.).

    The site is designed by OneFastBuffalo, a PR firm that represents a lot of local food businesses.

    It doesn’t look, sound, or feel like a source of objective restaurant information.

  • Wes Mantooth


  • MillPill

    It is true they have what may look like banner ads but the spaces are not bought. Snooty Foodie chooses the restaurants they want to post on their site and then approaches them asking for permission. If permission is granted snooty foodie sends a list of things the restaurants can submit and have posted on the snooty foodie website like current menu, food shots, interior shots, logo for banner, chef shots etc.

    As far as objectivity snooty foodie is the creation of local Dallas food lovers the restaurants on their site are places the founders enjoy not because the were paid.

  • SevysGrill

    Hey Addy, Sevy’s is not listed on the website above, nor do we use the above listed PR firm.

    However interested diners can find us on the following website, http://www.dallasrestaurantreviews.net , written by http://www.wilkethebum.com .

  • Hey Sarah, thanks for checking us out! My wife Janna and I launched http://www.snootyfoodie.com March 1st. And here’s the deal – we are serious foodies that don’t take ourselves too seriously. We started this site because we wanted to share our Dallas fine dining obsession with other foodies. For all your conspiracy bloggers out there, we are NOT a “pay to play” site. We profile the restaurants we love and NONE have paid to be on our site (go ahead, ask ’em!).

    I am sooo impressed with the investigative digging! At first we felt a little stalked, wanted to yank the curtains and crawl under the covers! Billusa99 – you might also want to know I’m a capricorn and my favorite color is blue…ha…and if we ever need to hire a private eye, you got the job! And Addy, you little hacker you, just thought I’d let you know that many of the uploaded logos you found were used as design examples by our web design firm, OneFastBuffalo. We have not hired them to do any PR. All our extra $$$ is spent on serious fine dining vittles! By the way, Sevy’s is one of our favorites and their snootyfoodie recommendation will be up soon.

    We are avid SideDish readers and were thrilled to see our site mentioned here. Thanks again for clicking and for all the foodie passion. Would love to hear any suggestions!!

    Alan Russell
    Chief Executive Eater

  • JAN

    This site is FAAANTASTIC…..I’m spreading the news…..go to Snootyfoodie for everything you need to know about dining in Dallas !!

  • Shelly

    I have visited the site several times. Even if I’m not in the mood to dine out, the writing is extremely entertaining! These two should write a book! However, whenever I am in the mood to eat out, snootyfoodie.com will be the first place I’ll go. I’m looking forward to future reviews!

  • Cajun

    DailyCandy should highlight this site. SnootyFoodie, THANKS!! Dining out with my top clients without worry has been very refreshing.