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Review: Goff’s in North Dallas


The other day I was kicking around Dallas scouting shopping centers for new or closed restaurants. I turned into that little corner spot at LBJ & Preston where India Palace and Stein’s Bakery, the birthplace of the mini-bun, are located and I bumped into the northern outpost of the Harvey Gough-less Goff’s. Since the self-confessed “old fart” sold his spot on West Lovers to Jim Francis, many customers who loved to hate Harvey started complaining to me about how awful the place had become. I’ve been to the location on Hillcrest, where it moved after they tore down the original–thank the food gods, those ceilings were awful—and I thought the burgers still tasted the same. But the young man behind the counter agreed to melt my cheese, (yes he did Harvey, you old buzzard gut) which is something Harvey wouldn’t have done if Osama bin Laden had a gun to Harvey’s head. And the polite young boy said, “Thank you.” (Don’t choke on your Metamucil, HG.) Anywhoo, I bopped into to Goff’s north and ordered a #9 (salad burger with hickory sauce) and it tasted the same: cold bun, cold pile of unmelted cheddar, cold salad, and a warm, thin patty of meat. Good fries. Great fried pies. A picture of Laura Bush and Jim Francis. However, there was never a “thank you.” Harvey, you can stay in your beautiful house with your beautiful wife and beautiful child. Goff’s is same as it ever was.