RE: Top Chef

Okay, not be Queen Redundant of Redundancy, but to our handicapping Disher I say: word. I’ll be so happy when Lisa, Nikki, Mark, and Antonia are gone. Especially Lisa and Nikki. I mean, seriously. Now that we’re on to week eight, it really is game-on time. (My picks: Stephanie, Dale, Richard, and Andrew—despite his uber tweakiness.)


  • Take this bet to the bank:

    No one—repeat—NO ONE on the current season is HALF as HOT as Casey Thompson.

    I’m a guy—so sue me!!!!

  • Drew

    There’s no talent this season either. The Kiwi guy showed his lack of hygiene recently and none of the others have demonstrated much in the way of talent. There was some pretty serious talent last season, but even more so, they were interesting. This season has a bunch of disaffected, dull, primadonnas who think they are all that.

    Note to Brave: No more faux hawks! It looked stupid two seasons ago. It’s intolerable now.

  • Drew

    Oops, Bravo

  • I have unnatural levels of hostility directed toward Lisa’s bitchy smirk and Nikki’s accent every Wednesday night. I wanted to like Antonia bc of her cute anecdotes about being a single mom on the Bravo website, but alas, I cannot.

    I was sad to see Jennifer go last week, and I still think Stephanie is much too timid to win.