Expensive Publicity Stunt Hits SideDish

pigs_fly.jpgOne Ms. Leala M. Ansari, from the Dallas office of GlolinHarris and representing Nestle, sends word that Nestle USA is retiring the name of it’s popular candy bar, Butterfinger, and changing it to The Finger. Yea sure, and pigs fly and men don’t think about sex every 15 seconds, they just want to cuddle. (Or is it pigs want to cuddle and men fly? I get so confused.) Anywhoo, if it’s true, this being April Fools Day and all, I’ll be handing them out on a regular basis. If you have any questions, feel free to call Ms. Ansari at 972-341-2552. Call her if you don’t have a question. Just be nice and say hello.


  • david

    How sexist of you to marginalize and stereotype men by suggesting we think of sex every 15 seconds…btw, whatca wearing? And, are you going to finish that last bite? Because we do think about food, too, you know…esp AFTER cuddling.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Nice. Wearing black fishnets and eating leftover branzino.