Dry Soda Tasting Continued

Dry Soda Founder and CEO Sharelle KlausThe good folks at Dry Soda just stopped by to give me a complete tasting of all of their soda flavors. Stephen already told you about kumquat last week. The three other flavors are lemongrass, rhubarb, and lavender. Founder and CEO Sharelle Klaus started the company after a string of pregnancies left her feeling like she was missing something at restaurants when her dinner companions poured over the wine list in anticipation. She wanted something exciting to drink that was natural, non alcoholic, and would pair well with food. For that, Klaus recommends the lemongrass. It’s probably the most versatile and could even be served with spicy Mexican. For cocktail ideas and more about today’s tasting and food pairings, follow the jump.

Klaus started the company two and a half years ago. It didn’t take her long after her last pregnancy before she started experimenting with recipes in her own kitchen. The flavors she developed in her kitchen are the same flavors offered today. The sodas are all natural–basically made from ingredients most of us have in the kitchen. Water, sugar, flavor.

Klaus’ suggested pairings are shown below. The quiche and kumquat were a nice match. The kumquat has a light, almost tea-like flavor that fit complemented the herbal flavors in the spinach. Sushi and lemograss are a natural fit. The seaweed’s saltiness enhanced the lemograss flavor to really bring out its essence. The lavendar and chocolate brownie was an interesting mix, although not my favorite. Rhubarb took that spot. It’s not sweet, but fruity and cleans off the palate almost immediately. It stood up to the hearty salami without being overpowered or losing its unique flavor.


I haven’t had a chance to experiment with cocktails yet, but I’d bet muddled lychee fruit, a shot of citron vodka and lemongrass Dry Soda would be a knock out. Or you can stop by Central 214 at the Palomar to try a Grassy Knoll ($12). It’s a tasty treat made with Charbay Green Tea Vodka, Gran Marnier, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and lemongrass Dry Soda. For other recipes, click here.