The Chicken Wing Thing

Will somebody please explain the appeal of chicken wings to me? Each morning I pass three huge restaurants that sell nothing but chicken wings. I know the whole Buffalo story and it just doesn’t conjure up any sort of romantic epicurean fantasy. Not like this or these. Chicken wings are greasy little wads of fat and they’re too much work to eat.


  • AC

    you dont like picking apart little birds?

    whassup, you some kind of bird lover?

  • Lee

    I also do not understand “white meat” chicken wings. Aren’t wings dark meat?

  • I’m also perplexed by boneless chicken wings. How is that possible? Science is weird.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Boneless chickens? Reminds me of this Gary Larson cartoon.

  • RG

    my friend has a blog devoted entirely to chicken wings:

  • JB

    To me, chicken wings can range for bad, mushy and soupy bits o’ meat, stirred in some kind of blasé sauce, or they can be fresh crispy chunks of meat lathered, cooked to perfection (fried or baked) on the bone, then lathered in spicy goodness that are addictable especially with cold beer. It is befitting that Pizza joints often sell them because they kinda parallel pizza on the culinary chart. Some people, particularly low carb dieters, like them better than pizza cause of the well, the low carb content. One should not dismiss little wads of fat so quickly otherwise we would not enjoy such pleasures as porkrinds as well. To a low carb person, these are, you know, healthy.

  • Graham

    1) Chicken wings are considered “white meat” by the USDA.

    2) They are probably the best part of a chicken for the following reasons: (a) they have the highest fat to meat ration, rendering a juicy product (b) they have the highest skin to meat ration rendering a potentially crunchy product (c) chickens dont use their wings for anything, rendering the meat very tender.

    As with anything else, prepared poorly, chicken wings are no good. But done right, i cahllenge you to find a more delicious piece of meat, from any animal.

    And yes, boneless wings are bunk.

  • Travis Henderson II

    I have to admit I’m a wing lover from way back, but they cannot have any flour or batter on them. When I have guests (up-scale Rednecks) over for a pool party they love the clean none battered wings.
    As long as I have the never ending longneck beer truck.

  • I guess if you weigh 300 lbs then it is work to fill that big fat belly. Hey how bout a ham with a side of whole turkey with gravy?
    Life is all about pleasure…if you equate eating wings to work…then I’m guessing that wiping your butt after a good $hit must put you over the top on labor intensive things to do. But hey, go ahead and stuff a burger down yur throat…who cares!