Texas Sized Donuts

2364857185_8b74cfa219.jpgYesterday I promised donuts. BIG donuts. Possibly the best donuts I’ve ever had. And I don’t even like donuts. Find them at Ma Wilson’s Texas Sized Donuts in Pecos, TX. Just don’t come on Sunday, she’s not open. And while the picture really doesn’t show the scale of these things, if you buy more than one, she’s got to use cake boxes—And I’m pretty sure she can only fit a few in there. With the size, the donut takes on a whole new character. More dough, less sugary crust. Given the caloric consequence, all donuts should be this good.

If you go, just head West on I-20 to Pecos (about 6 hours) and North on 285. We were passing through and asked a few locals for a good place to grab breakfast. Strangely, everyone recommended either the Flying J Truck Stop (with a wince) or a BBQ joint. Not quite ready for BBQ at 9am, we kept driving only to stumble upon Ma Wilson’s. Make it a stop if you’re passing through.



  • Pithagras

    Assuming two objects are of the same shape, does a difference in size change the ratio of surface area to volume?

  • The result is more dough in each bite (which is what I think makes the difference.) Not to mention the overall flavor is more bueno, probably due to the oil &/or ingredients.

  • Missy

    There is a little string of donut shops in Orange County, CA called DK’s Donuts and we lived off of them when we’d visit my sister every summer. They were the biggest and best donuts I have ever had and sound a lot like these. I’d love to see DK’s or something like that closer to DFW!

  • Billusa99

    If you have to drive 6 hours to get one, it damn well better be big!