Pokka Green Tea w/ Jasmine

2.jpg Lately, I’ve been trying different cold green teas. It’s healthy (sometimes), and a welcome departure from my normal diet of water, bourbon, or beer. So far I really haven’t found anything worthwhile. That is, until about an hour ago.

Picked up a can of Pokka Green Tea w/ Jasmine at the Whole Foods on Lemmon Ave. It tastes fresh, sweet, and the jasmine is unbelievable. At 72 calories and only 18g of sugar, it isn’t too bad, either. The unsweetened version (another brand I can’t remember that’s also in a can) was a bit too bland, and even a little bitter. This is just about perfect.

Grab one instead of an Orangina. I did.


  • Kirk

    FYI, 18 grams of sugar always equals 72 calories.