Library Bar Gets a Makeover

The Warwick Melrose Library Bar is one of my favorite spots in the city. I’m a sucker for old-school hotel bars, and there aren’t that many left  (I’m still mourning the loss of Beau Nash). So I was surprised to learn that the LB had undergone a makeover. Looks like the colors have been updated and refreshed, but as far as I can tell, the cozy, clubby feeling is intact. The re-opening is set for April 1, so let’s all meet for a cocktail to discuss. Check out new pics after the jump.


  • I’m in. Reminds me of The Gore Hotel in London. Didn’t know Dallas had such things….

  • Matthew B. Doll

    I have actually seen it, and the pictures don’t do it sufficient justice. In addition to what is shown, the new bar itself is remarkable. Truly an awe inspiring example of preserving the Library Bar’s tradition while creating a modern swagger.